How to arrange a bouquet of flowers

Create a pretty display with our expert's tips

How to arrange a bouquet of flowers

Arranging a beautiful bunch of blooms is most certainly a skilful art.

"The key to making a beautiful bouquet is in the flowers and colours you choose"

And according to the Flowers and Plants Association, it's definitely an art which us Brits can't get enough of, as at present the nation's fresh cut flower and indoor plant market is worth a whopping £2.2 billion. But who can blame us? A great bunch of flowers helps to brighten up any room, lifts any mood and can look fantastic as a centrepiece. 

On hand to help us become flower arranging pros is florist Anna Day, from The Flower Appreciation Society.

She said: "The key to making a beautiful bouquet is in the flowers and colours you choose. We make sure we have an assortment of different sizes, shapes and textures before we begin. And like soft muted palettes, with perhaps a splash of bright colour. We like to make our arrangements loose and wild, inspired by lovely informal country gardens."

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What you need to arrange flowers

  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • 2 x pieces of A2 paper
  • Sellotape
  • A lovely selection of flowers and foliage in different shapes and sizes


Step 1

Fill a bucket with a selection of different sized and shaped flowers, fillers and foliage. Let them have a good drink and condition them. Arrange the flowers, fillers and foliage into neat groups on the table in front of you.

Step 2

Choose a leading flower and hold it in your left hand (the reverse if you are left-handed).

Step 3

Next select a different colour and shape flower and sit it on top of the first so that the stems diagonally overlap each other.

Step 4

Continue adding your flowers in this way, choosing different flowers each time to keep the bunch looking varied. Every few stems turn the bouquet using your free hand so that you are conscious of what is happening at every angle. The stems will naturally form a twist and start to ‘spiral’. Place any fragile, soft-stemmed flowers in the middle of the bunch so they are supported by the hardier stems around them.

Step 5

When you are happy with the size of your bouquet add a nice mix of different foliage around the outside and twist a piece of twine around the stems to secure them. At this point it is good to pull up any flowers which have slipped down and got lost in the bouquet. Make sure you do this very carefully though, as it’s easy to snap their heads off!

Step 6

Cut the stems so that the bouquet measures about 50 cm.


If you want to wrap your bouquet...

Step 7

Take two pieces of A2 wrapping paper. Hold at opposite corners, folding in half to make two points. Repeat this for the other sheet of paper.

Step 8

Hold the bunch in your right hand and place one piece of paper on top of the flowers, pinching the paper slightly where your hand is. Turn your hand the other way up, facing the bouquet to the floor. Neatly pull the two corners of the paper together and sellotape to secure.

Step 9

Take the second piece of paper and place it so that its points fill in the gaps which the other paper has left. You should have six points in all. Sellotape to join the edges together.

Step 10

Once your bouquet is wrapped again it’s good to carefully pull up any flowers which have fallen down into the bouquet and loosen it up a little so it doesn’t look too tight.


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