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5 tips to help you break away from social media and de-stress

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5 tips to help you break away from social media and de-stress

Is social media stressing you out? All those perfect lives, perfect bodies and perfect families can really start to get to even the most positive person. If you are starting to feel less than adequate, read our tips on how to de stress, live life in the moment and focus on what makes you happy.... 

Calm your career crisis

The problem: Whether it’s another colleague’s promotion, an unreasonable boss who’s holding you back, or you’re at home with the kids while friends thrive at work, it’s likely these career comparisons will hit home at bedtime, when you should be relaxing. So every night, at PJ o’clock, give yourself a three-point appraisal. 

The fix: Focus on one thing you ‘aced’ at work or home that day; one thing that could have gone better; and one strategy to improve this. Then shelve it for the next day. Still struggling to switch off? Try Nytol Herbal Simply Sleep & Calm

Dear diary...

The problem: Friendships can get complicated. Once upon a time, it was all sleepovers and gossip swapping – now it’s fraught catch-ups over coffee and feelings of Facebook envy. 

The fix: Get a handle on runaway emotions by scheduling quality time with your favourite friends. Invest in a stylish journal and keep a record of fun times and any nice comments, texts, tweets and compliments people give you. Then, if you feel a wobble coming on, you can read them for a mood-boost. 

Family matters

The problem: The perfect family doesn’t exist – only the illusion of it on social media.

The fix: Remember, family life is about the little things that create one big thing. So while the kids play, take time out to enjoy a cuppa in your special mug and watch the happy chaos unfold before you’ve finished. Make this ‘me time’ a regular part of your day to appreciate your life. 

Cure romantic heartaches

The problem: Other people’s partners always look like they’re being super-romantic, with snaps of flowers and surprise mini breaks online. 

The fix: Revisit photos of fun you’ve had with your own special someone from holidays, parties, the kids…

Frame them in our photo frames or create a photo wall to remind you of the good times. OK, feel happy.

Banish those body blues

The problem: One of the most common Insta-envies links to body image. Gym and bikini selfies can drive us to despair.

The fix: Flip these pics and use them for inspiration instead. Create a Pinterest board of your fave body looks. Choose achievable targets, rather than unrealistic ones, then find a form of exercise you enjoy to help you get there – there’s a whole range of fab workout DVDs to choose from. 

When you get active, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of endorphins, the natural ‘feel-good’ chemicals released by your brain when you exercise. Try fitness queen Davina McCall’s high intensity workout