How to go away with only hand luggage

Travelling light is very easy if you know these handy travel tips

How to go away with only hand luggage

With the summer holiday season about to kick off, we all try to save time and money by not booking on a suitcase into the hold. But is it actually possible to take only hand luggage for a week’s holiday? Ex-cabin crew, Michaela Jones, (pictured below), used to fly both long and short haul to destinations including Rio, Cape Town, Singapore and Sydney and said it's "absolutely" possible. 

The now Asda colleague extraordinaire has given us 10 top tips for prepping and packing so you can go away with the lightest luggage without sacrificing looking amazing.

1. Check bag size allowance

"Whichever bag you take, make sure the size is approved by the airline you are travelling with as you may be told it needs to be checked in if it’s too large or too heavy. And some airlines allow multiple hand luggage bags, whereas some are strict about one bag per person. You can check out the guidelines for each airline here.

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2. Fill every empty space

"I would always start with underwear at the bottom - using it to line the bottom of the case. Then think of the case as a jigsaw and fill every empty space with an item of clothing. If you need to take a towel fold this over the top of the clothes and place shoes on top of this. If you don’t have a towel replace this with a simple plastic bag."

3. Roll, roll, roll your clothes

"The best way to maximise space is the ‘rolling technique’. Roll up every item of clothing, you’ll be surprised how small you can get a top! It’s also great to minimise creases."

4. You may not need bulky beach towels

"Check with the hotel to see if they provide beach towels before you go. If they don’t I would say either take a thin one or buy one there. You can always leave it there so you don’t have to bring it home."

5. They’re very strict on liquids so be savvy

"All liquids need to be placed in an approved clear plastic bag. This means that your large sandwich bag isn’t going to make the cut. Your best bet is to get one from the airport and keep it for your next few trips - I had the same one for about 6 months and I did on average 4/5 flights a week, sometimes more."

6. Decant and declutter your liquids

"Liquids can only be 100ml MAX per item so I would recommend buying either miniatures or buying little bottles to fill yourself. Where possible take face wipes or baby wipes. And actually think about what qualifies as a liquid; powders for example don’t count, whereas gels and aerosols do.

"For detailed information on allowances always have a look at your airline’s website especially for help when travelling with babies or for people who need medication."

7. Plan your outfits

"Try and think ahead about what you actually need. Try to plan outfits where possible and really think if you need four pairs of shoes."

8. Separate your clean clothes to come home

"When coming home split your case into two halves, the bottom for all the unworn clothes and the top for all the dirty ones. Separate with a plastic bag that way when you get home you don’t have to try and remember what needs washing."

9. Check on electronics

"Look online at for advice on personal electronics as the rules vary depending on which country you are travelling to/from as to what you can take on as hand luggage."

10. Make sure you can actually carry your bag

"Finally make sure your case is appropriate for you to carry or pull. There is usually a lot of walking around airports and if it’s too heavy this isn’t a good start. The crew aren’t legally supposed to help load your cases in the overhead lockers due to health and safety; if it’s your case you should be able to load it yourself."


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