Holiday checklist: How to holiday stress free

Enjoy your holiday the moment you put your out of office on

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Holiday checklist: How to holiday stress free

From planning your itinerary, travelling thousands of miles and fitting everything you need in your suitcase - going on holiday can be pretty stressful.  

Combat anything that comes your way and have a stress free holiday

So it's no surprise that many travellers struggle to de-stress and switch into holiday mode during the first day of their vacation.

According to research from, 36% of globetrotters worry about things going wrong on the first day of their trip, while 14% said they don't stop worrying until they've had a sleep and what’s more, 5% say they never stop worrying at all while they're abroad!

To help you enjoy your time off from the moment you touch down, a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, well-being consultant and life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams has put together some more top tips.

1. Be prepared to be spontaneous

Sloan said: "Take inspiration from frequent travellers who know that delays happen and luggage gets lost, but most travel niggles have a solution." Have confidence in your ability to be spontaneous and come up with a 'right now plan' which focuses on being flexible to adapt to your surroundings in order to get to combat anything that comes your way. 

2. Be as organised as you can be

Things like booking your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday, or changing up your money before you get to the airport mean there's one less thing to think about on the day of travel. You could also invest in a bright and colourful luggage strap which will help you identify your case. And make sure you keep all your documents in one place with a passport holder. Or, to avoid any unexpected and extra costs, weigh your luggage before you head off with these luggage scales

3. snack to keep your energy up

"Keeping your gut happy reduces fatigue after a long journey," Sloane said. "A small protein snack can keep your energy levels roaring long enough to get you to your accommodation without feeling tired. When eating, focus your mind on the food, taste, texture and feel." These Trek Cocoa Coconut Protein Flapjacks should keep your hunger at bay or you could also keep a bag of mixed nuts on you. And, if you really want to satisfy your cravings, take a look at our food to go range, which includes meal boxes like our sushi snack selection

4. be savvy in the airport queue

No one likes waiting in queues, but these are part and parcel of travelling. Sloan said: "The majority of travellers are right-handed so head to the furthest left counter from the entrance. Fewer people choose that line as people gravitate to right-hand counters to match their dominant writing hand. Soon you’ll be the first to make it through to baggage claim securing a handy front row spot." Perfect!

5. stop rushing around

Rushing around distorts the perception of time. "Slow down," Sloan said. "Take the time to talk to your driver, host or concierge, creating rapport and connection from the moment you leave the airport or station. Nearly one in four travellers like a welcoming host, so pave the way by striking up the first conversation, asking for tips on what to do or see."

6. be appy on your holiday

Apps can make exploring a new country less stressful. "Be it a travel app, language translator, money converter or a health app." 

7. Home from Home

Whether you're staying in a hotel, caravan or tent, make your temporary accommodation a home from home. Sloan said: "Bring comforting items with you like your favourite mascot, night time hot drink, personalised mug, own pillowcase, bedtime journal or a family photograph." 

8. Theme Tune Therapy

Unpack while dancing around to uplifting music. Sloan said: "Let go of your ego, break any unhelpful patterns of taking things too seriously and rid yourself of negativity. You will be organised in no time and surrounded by your own possessions, which one in 10 travellers say helps shifts them to holiday mode quicker."

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