How to keep everyone happy during the football

This Saturday is England vs. Scotland

How to keep everyone happy during the football

Football fever is set to take over our screens this weekend as England get ready to take on Scotland in a crucial World Cup qualifier.

Make sure you have enough room for the bottles in your fridge before your guests arrive

The two teams will go head to head on June 10 at Hampden Park in Glasgow with England hoping to stay top of Group F and Scotland playing to stay in the running for qualification.

But if you’re not a massive footie fan and sitting down on a Saturday evening to watch 22 men run around a pitch doesn't fill you with excitement, you can still make fun of the occasion by getting your friends round, making some good food and serving up tasty drinks.

So, to get your head in the game, here are our best football party tips. 

Something for the grown ups

Stock up on lager and explore our new range of craft beer, or opt for something with bubbles like a nice chilled bottle of prosecco. And if the sun is out, you could knock up a fruity pitcher or individual glasses of this berry mojito

Non-alcoholic drinks

For youngsters and drivers you want to offer something tasty to sip during the game. This non-alcoholic punch made with apple juice, raspberry, mint and lemonade feels way more special than serving up squash or juice. Or you could try a delicious Caribbean Crush made with mango, coconut, lime and raspberries. 

Sensational snacking

When there's drink involved, snacking is almost inevitable. Nachos are always a winner as they're easy to make and oh-so-tasty. For the meat eaters, these spicy beef ones will go down a treat and for the veggies, there's spicy bean nachos. It would also be a good idea to have some bowls full of tasty treats out. From cocktail sausages, popcornhoumous and sweets, it's always a sociable experience getting everyone stuck in. 

Bring out the barbecue

Your guests will also be rather impressed and appreciative if you whip out these barbequed beauties. These hot dogs come with a vegetable garden relish, giving us a taste of summer. If burgers are more your thing, why not try creating some mini burgers which are easy to pop into your mouth in one bite? Yum! Or pull out all the stops and cook these slow-cooked pulled pork tacos. Simply put out bowls of the fillings and let everyone build their own taco. 

Deck the halls

Get into the football spirit by adorning your home in some sporting decorations. Whether it's balloons, banners or flags you choose, help your guests feel at home and full of football frenzy. 

Pull out the paper plates

With all that hosting and organising, the last thing you'll want to do at the end of the night is tackle the washing up. Footie fans will love eating all their favourite party snacks and sweets from these fun paper football plates and some plastic cups

Keep everybody entertained this game day by stocking up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store