How to make your own homemade kite

This very simple kite is easy to make and even easier to fly...

How to make your own homemade kite

Not only does making your own kite keep your little ones entertained for hours, it can also teach them new skills, they'll be able to discover new materials and they can engage with nature.

So, with the summer holidays fast approaching, now would be a great time to put their creative skills to the test. 

So let's go fly a kite!

What you need:

Step one

Mark the halfway point of each skewer. Mark a quarter point on one of them. 

Step two 

Open up a plastic bag, lay it flat, and put the skewer with the quarter point vertically on the plastic, quarter point towards the top. 

Step three

Lay the other skewer across the first, so its half-way point crosses at that quarter point. 

Step four

Use a pen to mark dots at the end of each of the skewers, then remove the skewers and use the pen and ruler to join up those dots. You should have a traditional kite shape marked out. 

Step five 

Cut out the shape, then lay the skewers back onto it as they were. 

Step six 

Use sticky tape to stick the ends of the skewers to the kite, wrapping around them, and securing on the other side of the kite. 

Step seven

Cut a really long plastic ribbon from one of the other bags, and tie it to the bottom of the vertical skewer. 

Step eight 

Cut your thread to about 15m. Poke a hole where the skewers cross, poke your thread through, and tie the skewers together, leaving the long piece of thread trailing through the hole. Wind the end of the thread around a piece of wood or some card. Now, let’s go fly a kite! 

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