Using your phone abroad

This is why you need Asda Mobile on your European holiday

Check out our mobile bundles for a worry-free holiday

This is why you need Asda Mobile on your European holiday

Heading to Europe this summer? Then the chances are you’ll be wanting to use your phone to keep up to date with the news and upload all of your holiday snaps on the go.

And we have good news! As of June 15, 2017 data roaming charges are being stopped for anyone within the EU. This means you won't have any unwelcome bills hitting your doormat with ridiculous charges.

And even better news - Asda Mobile are now offering amazing 30 day bundles and tariffs which can be used in 48 European countries. Check out all the information you need about using Asda Mobile for your holiday this summer. We think it's good enough to phone home about...

What if I'm already on Asda mobile?

If you're already on Asda Mobile, all you need to do is to enable data roaming on your phone when heading to Europe. You should call Asda mobile before you leave the country to register your account so you can top up while you're away - Simples. Then, visit any of the 48 European destinations (which can be viewed here, and are noted in the image below) and surf to your heart's content.

If you’re on the Asda Mobile standard rate then it’s worth having a look at the full pricing table so you know exactly how much a phone call, a text and data will cost you. Receiving calls and texts are now free in the 48 European destinations.

What if I want a one-off payment?

Asda Mobile offers bundles which last 30 days meaning you’re always in control and you can change the bundle when it suits you… Perfect for the holiday season when you need more data to post all those selfies then you return home and don’t need as much.

What type of bundles does Asda offer?

There are five 30 day bundles to suit different mobile users.

For a fiver, you'll receive 100MB of data, 100 minutes and 2000 texts.

For £7 you’ll get 300 minutes, 500MB of data and unlimited text.

For £10, you'll receive 600 minutes, 1.5GB of data and unlimited texts.

For £15 you'll receive 1000 minutes, 3GB of data and unlimited text messages.

And a £20 SIM will give you 6GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. 

Exclusive: The Asda Mobile team has told us that their bundles will become bigger and better very soon, so keep watching their website for updates

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