Incredible Toys to Craft from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Super eco and ultra-inventive, these clever craft activities show that kids can get creative with the simplest of materials.

Incredible Toys to Craft from Recycled Plastic Bottles

What’s cooler and more rewarding than your own DIY project?

Preschoolers, kids and teens will love recycling used bottles and turning them into piggy banks, terrariums to bowling pins

Preschoolers, kids and teens will love recycling used bottles and turning them into useful and decorative items, from piggy banks, terrariums to bowling pins.

1. The Perfect Piggy Bank

Teach your kids to save money with this cute money saver. Have your child decorate their mini bottle with coloured paper.


Using a craft knife, carve a small coin slot in the middle of the water bottle for them before your little one takes the reins and glues four wooden beads to act as trotters and stop any money from rolling away. Kids can draw on their piggy’s face themselves, and then cut out and glue paper ears onto their bottle.

2. The Twinkling Terrarium

Making your own enclosed miniature garden is a popular craft for both kids and adults. But if you don’t want to bother with remembering to water, a paper version of a tropical island or an underwater scene can be just as picturesque.


Cut out a long oval window on the side of the bottle, insert your papercraft or drawn backdrop. Add some figurines and reseal your window with the panel and clear tape.

Once you’ve glued your bottle to a cardboard base then your new bedroom decoration is ready to be admired.

3. The Fantastic Fairy House

Fairy homes can easily be created out of any tall plastic bottle. Mum or dad, your help is required to carve the door and windows, then it’s up to the kids to get crafty. Stickers, paint, bark, sticks and fabric can all be used to decorate this magical home where mini woodland figures can live inside.


4. The Green Garden Sprinkler

This fun toy is just what the doctor ordered when it’s warm outside. Have your child poke holes at random around a large plastic bottle. Secure your garden hose in the bottle, and turn it to cool down and water the garden at the same time. Now, everyone get into their swimmers!


5. The Magical Maracas 

This easy-peasy set of maracas will entertain kids for hours. All you need are three small disposable water bottles and one dry ingredient for each bottle – we used rice, pumpkin seeds and macaroni to get variation in pitch. Use coloured paper and tape to cover the outside of the bottles and get ready to shake, shake, shake.

6. The Brilliant Bowling Pins

Hold onto those plastic bottles, you’ll need ten to create your bowling alley. Squirt coloured paint inside your bottles and get your kids to run the paint around the bottle so it covers the whole inside. Pour out the excess paint and stand the bottles (lid off) to dry. The next day, set up your bowling pins outside to start bowling.


7. The Terrific Turtle

Kids will love making this bath toy as much as they’ll love playing with it. To make your turtle’s shell cut off the bottle’s base. Then, on a waterproof sheet of foam, get your child to trace around the shell and draw your turtle’s head, arms, legs and tail.


Cut it all out with safety scissors and with waterproof glue attach the fabric to the rim of the shell. Use a waterproof marker to draw on your turtle’s face, and then fill up the tub, it’s time to go swimming with a new friend!

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