Exciting craft ideas for kids

Get crafty with the kids with these amazing ideas

Exciting craft ideas for kids

Make sure you've got some fun – and pocket-friendly – craft ideas up your sleeve for when you're stuck inside, and the kids are complaining about being bored.

These simple projects might just help while away a few blissful hours – and you'll only need a handful of ingredients…

From pretty-in-pink trinket boxes to store all their valuables, to clever money banks that will help them save, here are four makes to get you started…

Football table 

Any households gripped by football fever will love this DIY idea. Perfect for rainy days or uncomfortably hot afternoons, this mini DIY football table will provide hours of entertainment. 

Why not paint each team of peg 'players' the colours of your favourite football teams? You could even add numbers! Now that's entertainment... 

You need: 

  • Paintbrush, glue brush, glue, craft knife (ask an adult for help using this) 
  • Poster paint, in two different colours 
  • 10 wooden pegs 
  • 4 x 40cm lengths wooden dowel
  • Shoe box
  • Gift wrap
  • Ping pong ball


Step one: Paint half the pegs and dowel in one colour and the rest in the other. 

Step two: Paint the inside of the box. Once dry, cover the outside with gift wrap. 

Step three: Cut four holes along one side of the box, 3cm from the top and big enough to push a dowel through. Cut four aligning holes on the opposite side. 

Step four: Cut out a goal at each end of the box.

Step five: Pass a dowel into one hole and out of the opposite side. Attach 2 or 3 clothes pegs. Repeat for the other dowels, alternating the colours. Add a ping pong ball and then kick off!  


Trinket box

Perfect for storing jewellery, trinkets and all-things-precious, this dainty trinket box is made of lolly sticks and decorated with gems and beads, or anything else you fancy! 

Top tip: when lining up the lolly sticks for the base and lid, try using a ruler to help you achieve perfectly straight lines and keep your box nice and square.


  • Paintbrush
  • PVA glue
  • 76 wooden lolly sticks
  • Assorted gems and beads 
  • Poster paint


Step one: To create the base, lay 14 sticks side by side to form a square.

Step two: To secure, glue one stick across them all at the top, one stick-width down. Do the same at the bottom and sides.

Step three: Build your box by layering up 11 sticks on each side so that they crisscross at the corners. Secure each stick with glue at the corners.

Step four: For the lid, lay 12 sticks side by side to form a square. Lay one stick across them at the top (about one stick width down) and glue. Repeat along the bottom edge. 

Step five: Glue the big bead in the centre, on the same side, as a handle. Paint the box and lid. Decorate with gems.


Bottle bird feeder

Help to introduce some birds into your garden this summer with this smart (and easy to make) bird feeder. Wooden spoons work as both seed dispensers and somewhere for your garden's wildlife to perch.

Make sure to keep your bird feeder suspended high off the ground, to keep it out of reach of other wildlife. What's more, making sure the feeder is visible from a kitchen or bedroom window means you can enjoy watching the birds tuck into your offerings, too!


  • Empty 2L plastic bottle
  • Scissors (ask an adult for help when using these)
  • Bird seed 
  • Funnel or jug, for filling
  • 2 wooden spoons
  • 1 screw eye
  • 1 small cork
  • 60cm sturdy garden twine or string
  • Self-adhesive foam shapes


Step one: Stand the bottle upright, and fill a third of the way up with the birdseed.

Step two: Cut a hole in the bottle just above the level of the seed, big enough to insert the spoon handle, with a little extra opening for birds to get to the seed.

Step three: Push the spoon handle into the hole, keeping it horizontal, and cut another hole where the end of it touches the opposite side of the bottle. Now push it through both holes to form a perch on either side.

Step four: Add more seed to the bottle until it’s two-thirds full. Insert the second spoon as before. Fill the bottle with more birdseed. 

Step five: Ask an adult to pierce the bottle cap with the screw eye, then twist the cork onto the sharp end of it to secure. Put the cap on the bottle and add a loop made from the twine. 

Step six: Decorate your feeder with foam shapes.

Aeroplane money box

Help them look after their pennies and pounds with this adorable money box. Making it from scratch will give the kids a sense of pride – which should hopefully give them an incentive to save!

Leaving the base and neck of the bottle bare will help them see how much money they've saved up already. Most coins won't fit through the bottle's screw top, so encourage them to save for as long as possible before cutting into the plane..!


  • Scissors (ask an adult for help when using these)
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Empty round plastic bottle (about 330ml) 
  • Card in assorted colours 


Step one: Cut a coin slot 3cm x 1cm, in the side of the bottle.

Step two: Make one side of the plane – draw an L-shape on card and cut out. Use as a guide to make the opposite side.

Step three: Attach these to either side of the bottle with double- sided tape, with the slot at the top. Trim the card a little to avoid blocking the slot.

Step four: Draw 2 rectangles, each 2cm x 10cm, for engines. Cut out, roll into tubes and secure with tape. Attach to either side of the bottle, near the neck, making sure they rest on the table to hold the bottle steady.

Step five: Draw 2 long triangles with rounded tips for wings. Cut out, fold down a tab at one end of each and attach to the sides, above the engines.

Step six: Using the bottle cap as a guide, draw a propeller with a hole in the centre. The cap will secure the propeller to the bottle, so the hole should be smaller than the cap. Cut out windows, plus tailplanes for each side of the tailfin, and stick on to finish.

Feeling inspired to get crafty with the kids? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store