6 ways to keep the kids entertained this Easter

Keep them busy with cooking, crafting and an Easter egg hunt - here's how

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6 ways to keep the kids entertained this Easter

Bring out their creative side with these makes, bakes and gift ideas inspired by everyone’s Easter favourites.

As well as being a time for family gatherings, Easter allows kids a couple of weeks away from school, so anything that keeps them happy is a good thing!

Just grab some basic equipment from the crafting aisle, break out the baking trays and enjoy some quality time with ideas that also make great gifts.

Bunny treat jars

You'll need: 

Rabbit jar

  1. Draw the outline of a rabbit on a sticky label. Cut it out, peel off the back and stick it to the jar.
  2. Paint the jar all over, including all over the sticker. Paint the lid in a different colour. Leave both to dry.
  3. Peel the label off the jar gently to reveal the bunny’s silhouette.
  4. Fill the jar with Easter treats and finish with a ribbon tied in a bow.

Bunny face

  1. Paint the lid white and let it dry. Stick 2 wiggly eyes onto the jar with dabs of glue, pressing gently so they don’t slip as they dry. Stick on a foam shape as a nose. Add whiskers and a mouth using black paint and a thin brush.
  2. Draw 2 bunny ears on a piece of card, leaving 2cm extra at the bottom to make a tab. Cut them out and fold back the tab. Glue the tab onto the lid.
  3. Fill the jar with treats.


Colourful popcorn 

These Easter gifts are top of the pops! Simply whip up a batch of popcorn and add some colourful food colouring for an eye-catching twist on classic and beloved snack. 


Fingerprint Easter cards 

You'll need:

  1. Fold a piece of A4 of A5 card in half. 
  2. Decide if you want the card to be tall or wide. Cut a strip of felt card or felt, the same length as the bottom edge of your card. Make the top of it wavy to look like grassy hills. Stick in place on the front of your card. 
  3. Roll up your sleeves, then dip a finger into yellow paint and press it onto the card a few times to make your chick shapes. Use another finger and a different colour for the bunnies. You can use a paintbrush to spread the paint over your fingertips if you like. 
  4. Leave your chicks and bunnies to dry. 
  5. Use a felt tip pen to draw beaks, wings and feet on the chicks and ears, whiskers and feet on the bunnies.
  6. Decorate with foam shapes and write your Easter message on the inside of the card. 


Egg hunt

Whether you're running around with a basked or searching for coloured eggs, or you're the one in charge of hiding them, there's nothing quite as exciting as an Easter egg hunt!

If older kids can find them in no time at all, why not make things more tricky with a treasure hunt? 

Give the 'hunters' clues to follow, and stick one letter of an Easter message on each egg. After they've been found, challenge everyone to unscramble the anagram. That should keep them busy...time to get cracking!


Egg box chicks

You'll need: 


  1. One 6-egg box makes 3 chicks. To start, carefully cut out the 6 individual 'cups' (2 for each chick) from the bottom of the egg box. 
  2. Paint the outside of the cups yellow and leave to dry. 
  3. Cut out 6 chick feet and 6 triangles for the beaks from orange card, 6 slightly bigger triangles for the wings from yellow card. 
  4. Leave about 1cm extra at the base of each shape to fold into a tab for glueing.
  5. Glue one orange triangle onto each cup – make sure to line up the 2 halves of each beak. Stick wiggly eyes to 3 of the cups. Glue the feet and the wings to the other 3 cups.
  6. Fill the bottom half of the chick with treats such as Smarties, then carefully rest the head on top.


Wooden spoons

You'll need: 


  1. To make the bunny, paint the top half of a spoon in grey; for the chick, use yellow. Leave to dry. Stick 2 wiggly eyes on the back of each spoon.
  2. For the bunny, cut out 2 ears from grey card, leaving tabs on the card ears to glue to the spoon. Cut out 2 smaller pink foam ears and stick to the card ears. Stick on a pink pompom for the nose and 2 white pom poms for the cheeks.
  3. Paint on the whiskers.
  4. For the chick, cut out a triangle from orange foam and stick to the back of the spoon as a beak, then glue a yellow craft feather to the top of its head.

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