These lazy animals are how we all feel on a Wednesday

Hump day is tiring for everyone, man or beast

These lazy animals are how we all feel on a Wednesday

Has the mid-week slump hit you yet? Don't worry, you’re not the only one – if this week's Pet Corner proves anything, it's that animals can be just as lazy as humans.

From an octuplet of opossum babies hitching a ride on their mum, to a cat that just can't face the walk downstairs and a elephant who can't keep his eyes open after a lullaby, these lazy animals filling our newsfeeds are so tired that they can't even motivate themselves to stand up...

Lazy cat drags itself downstairs

Looking for your morning spirit animal? Look no further – this super lazy cat who can’t even be bothered to walk down the stairs is it. Instead of using his legs like a normal cat, he decides to drag himself down, one step at a time. Obviously it's still all a bit too much for him, as he gives up at the final hurdle.

Don’t worry lazy cat – we feel you.

Lazy wolf gets a belly rub

Nothing says 'content' like this.

In this video posted by YouTube user ‘Sarah and the Wolves’, we meet Lakomi: a rescue wolf who loves to get her belly rubbed. You can see how the gentle giant turns from a foreboding wolf into a beacon of happiness as she practically squeals in delight at getting her belly rubbed.

Lucky for Lakomi, she lives on a sanctuary where she can get as many belly rubs as she wants every day.

Lazy Kangaroo relaxes in the sun

Picture this: you’re relaxing on a bed of sand, the sun is shining and you're feeling good. Could life get any better?

While you may be stuck with the bleak British weather, this is exactly what life is like for this kangaroo. Posted by the Alice Springs' Kangaroo Sanctuary, the joey is having the laziest time of his life doing nothing but stretching, scratching and rolling about on a bed of soft red sand in the sun. Jealous? Us?

Lazy baby opossums get a piggyback from their mum

Walking is so last year.

It's just way too much effort, right? These baby opossums agree. In the below video, posted by Astoria resident Gene Gray and his wife Heewon Lee, a troop of eight baby opossums hitch a ride on their mum's back through a New York backyard… and it’s possibly the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

Gene and Heewon decided to name the mum OctoPossum in honour of her fabulous work taking care of her eight children. Now that's a dedicated mum!

Lazy Elephant dozes off after a lullaby

Lullabies may traditionally be a favourite of human children, but we don't think we've seen anyone love a lullaby more than Faamai the elephant. Faamai, who's a resident at the Save the Elephant Foundation in Thailand, loves nothing more than getting a hug and a lullaby from her caretaker Lek, before falling into a deep sleep.

Lek even helps to keep her cool and keep the flies away by wafting the air around her head as she snoozes. Now where can we find someone to do that for us?

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