Lorraine Kelly on fad diets, hot curries and her favourite hangover cure

'I’m the world’s worst cook'

Lorraine Kelly on fad diets, hot curries and her favourite hangover cure

The ITV breakfast presenter, 57, lives between London and Dundee, with her husband Steve. Their daughter Rosie, 23, lives in Asia.  

What is a typical daily menu?

Over the working week, breakfast is porridge jazzed up with honey, nuts, raisins or berries. Lunch is noodles, a stir-fry or a big salad. At teatime it’s fish, chicken and vegetables. I’ve eaten more sensibly since I turned 50. When you see results, tone up and feel healthier, it stops all the bad habits.

And at weekends? 

I eat more or less what I like. Steve is a fantastic cook and makes brilliant curries from scratch. Sunday breakfast is his ‘special’ – a tower of a potato scone with bacon and black pudding and a poached egg on top. 

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All-time favourite dish?

Steve makes a really good hot beef rendang. I’m a big fan of spicy Indonesian, Thai and Indian food. Singapore chilli crab is another favourite. 

Any Scottish food?

I love Scottish seafood. Scallops and giant prawns to start, and fresh grilled fish. 

Your childhood favourite?

My mum makes the best chicken soup in the world. It reminds me of coming home from school freezing cold and getting all cosy in front of the fire with a bowl of her soup and a big hunk of fresh buttered bread.

Did motherhood alter your attitude to food? 

I became healthier and thought a lot about what I fed Rosie. We were lucky enough to travel a lot as she was growing up so she was exposed to all sorts of food and she was never a fussy eater. I was sensible but never made food a big issue and nothing was forbidden. The kids who came to our house and were banned from junk food always made a beeline for the biscuit tin!

Did you and Rosie cook together?

I’m the world’s worst cook, but we did melt chocolate and throw in cornflakes and Rice Krispies to make easy cakes.

Did you ever have an unhealthy diet? 

As Scottish correspondent for TV-am in the ’80s, I had crazy hours and just grabbed food when I could – pies and sandwiches from garages, and filling up on crisps and sweets. 

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Are you into so-called ‘superfoods’? 

I do like coconut and berries, but it’s all about balance and eating a little bit of what you fancy. Faddy diets don’t work and end up making you fat. You need a plan for life, with food you love and exercise you enjoy.

Your go-to hangover cure?

A roll with butter, Scottish square sausage and lots of HP Sauce, washed down with Irn Bru. Never fails!

Dinner-party dish?

I can cook a really good paella, served with crusty bread and plenty of Rioja.

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Your most memorable dining-out experience?

In Singapore, back in 1985– the first time we visited the Far East. We had beer and satay in a hawker’s stall, sitting outside under the stars. It cost about 50p and tasted like heaven.

Lorraine is on ITV, weekdays from 8.30am.