Make Valentine’s Day an excuse to share something amazing

Make this February 14th the day to do a good deed

Make Valentine’s Day an excuse to share something amazing

Valentine's Day is about showing you love someone, right? Yes, but this year why not think outside the box and share a bit of love to everyone around you.

After all, not everyone will be whisked off their feet on a romantic getaway to Venice and serenaded by an Italian guitarist whilst sipping Prosecco and generally being so in love that nothing else matters.

So use this February 14th to be a lovely person and do a few generous, loving things that might just make someone’s day.

Here are a few ideas of Valentine's Day do-gooding to get you started…

1. Take some chocolates to an elderly neighbour

Christmas shouldn’t be the only time that we think about our elderly neighbours. Everyone enjoys having a chat and spending time with other people, so why not pop round to a neighbour, introduce yourself and maybe take some chocolates, flowers or a boardgame as an ice breaker. You never know, it might be the start of a blossoming friendship.

2. Make a special breakfast for everyone in your household

It doesn’t take much effort to put the kettle on for more than one person, does it, so why not get up a few minutes early, set the table for the family, heat up some delicious pastries and see the look on their faces when they come down to a surprise breakfast. If you’re feeling particularly generous you could even make some pancakes or an incredible bacon sandwich. Just imagine the smell of crispy bacon as your morning alarm.

3. Bake something to take to work

How happy would you make your colleagues if you brought in a tray of homemade white chocolate brownies or a delicious lime and lemon drizzle cake for tea time? Pop the kettle on, bring out your bakes and then nobody can complain that they hate Valentine's Day! Plus, you may just set the ball rolling for a work baking club and you can get some cake back in return…here’s hoping.

4. Invite some friends round for dinner

If you’ve been meaning to invite friends round for dinner for a while, this is your time! It doesn’t have to be a gourmet feast that looks like it’s been cooked by Gordon Ramsay, just a simple plate of spaghetti carbonara served with a nice bottle of crisp white wine, or some simple beef koftas with couscous if you’re feeling exotic, will go down a treat.

5. Go for a lovely walk with the family or friends

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show people that you care, sometimes it’s just about spending time with people. Why not suggest a weekend walk as a group, then back to yours for a cuppa and a slice of cake. If you’ve got kids, stop off at a playground to keep up their enthusiasm.

6. Print photos of your friends and give them out when you see them

How many photos do you have on your phone of your friends and family? A simple gift gesture would be to print out a few and give them out this Valentine's Day. You can use Asda Photo in store to plug in your phone and print away. Plus you’ve got all the material you need already so it couldn’t be easier.

7. Donate something to charity that you haven’t worn this winter

If you haven’t worn a coat, scarf, hat or jumper this winter then chances are that you won’t wear it next winter either. So why not do something loving this Valentine's Day and take it to a charity shop, or gift it to a friend who’s had their eye on it. Plus, it will clear out a bit of space in your wardrobe for more additions. (You never know what gifts you might receive this Valentines Day).

8. Offer to babysit for someone so they can have an amazing Valentine's Day

Do you have a friend or family member who would love nothing more than a proper date night away from childcare? How happy would they be if you offered to babysit on Valentine's Day so they could go out an enjoy a romantic dinner, or have a quiet night in by themselves. It wouldn’t cost you anything, and it would definitely put you in the good books.

9. Send a card to your loved ones

Don’t forget your parents this Valentine's Day. After all they are the people who put you on this earth! Maybe you can pop a card in the post, or just give them a call to check in. A card or call to your grandparents and siblings makes a great gesture too.

For ideas on Valentine's gifts head to or visit your local store.