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The new Netflix original series you won’t want to miss

Your new autumn obsession – sorted!

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The new Netflix original series you won’t want to miss

Worked your way through all the Stranger Things and Orange Is The New Black episodes, and in search of a new series obsession? The trailer for another eagerly anticipated Netflix programme, The Crown, is here – and as the most expensive show ever produced by Netflix (producers spent $156 million making it) it’s promising to be very good indeed.

Premiering this November, the new Netflix original series will see the young Queen Elizabeth (who became Queen at just 27) adjust to her role during post-war Britain, and will also shine light on her marriage to Prince Philip and their family life.

Written by Peter Morgan (the man behind the film The Queen), each 10-part season will cover a decade of Her Majesty’s life. The first season kicks off in 1947, with episodes featuring high drama and emotion including Princess Elizabeth’s wedding, her father King George VI’s untimely death, a nation in mourning, Queen Elizabeth as she is thrust onto the throne and into the limelight, and an ageing Churchill as her prime minister, all while both Britain and the monarchy are in post-war decline.

‘I am aware that I am surrounded by people who feel they could do the job better - strong people with powerful characters’ says Elizabeth in the trailer. ‘But, for better or worse, the crown has landed on my head.’

Claire Foy stars as Queen Elizabeth, former Doctor Who actor Matt Smith plays the role of her husband Prince Philip. We can't wait to tune in...