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These are the Netflix shows you need to binge on this year

Clear your diary for the Netflix TV shows everyone will be talking about!

These are the Netflix shows you need to binge on this year

These days, there are so many great TV shows created by streaming site Netflix that it's hard to keep up! 2016 has already seen gripping crime thriller documentary Making a Murderer, Judd Apatow’s romantic comedy Love and Series 4 of House of Cards grab our attention - and it's only March! The good news is there's more to come with an impressive list of high calibre shows coming your way and to make life easier, we've picked the very best programmes to tune in to.

So sit back, relax and stream, stream, stream...


Series: Second

Premiere Date: Friday March 18, 2016

Daredevil is the first Marvel exclusive Netflix series to get renewed after its highly successful first series. Following the story of Matt Murdock, who was blinded in an accident as a child, Daredevil is an attorney by day and vigilante by night, tackling crime in New York City. The new season will feature more superhero action with the Punisher and Elektra, while Daredevil tackles an ancient unknown evil. Mysterious...


Series: Fourth

Premiere Date: Friday June 17, 2016

Based on the book of the same title by Piper Kerman, Orange Is the New Black centres on the title character’s fall from grace as she is forced to spend time serving a sentence in a minimum-security women's prison in Connecticut for her association with a drug runner 10 years earlier. With a cracking (mostly female) cast and a host of brilliantly detailed characters, the new season promises to be as addictive as the previous three. Will Piper and Alex end up together? You'll have to watch to find out.


Series: Second

Premiere Date: Friday April 15, 2016

One with the feel good factor! Co-created and written by American SNL comedian Tina Fey, this show is a laugh-out-loud comedy with a slightly whacky premise: the lead character Kimmy Schmidt spent 15 years underground as part of a cult who had thought the world had ended. Finally rescued, Kimmy decides to reclaim her lost life by striking out to New York City and moving in with Titus, a gay street performer. The unlikely pair find themselves caught in all sorts of crazy situations, but between Kimmy's relentless optimism and Titus' grounding humour, they always save the day.


Series: First

Premiere Date: Friday August 12, 2016

One of Netflix’s most anticipated shows this year, The Get Down follows a group of South Bronx teens as they transform New York with the birth of modern Hip Hop. Riding on the big 70’s trend this year, the all singing, all dancing drama promises to be an instant hit full of colour, glitz and glam. And with director Baz Lurhmann (Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge) at the helm, it's safe to say you can expect to be wowed.


Series: First

Premiere Date: Friday September 30, 2016

Hot off the press and with no trailer as of yet, the first series of the third Marvel exclusive for Netflix show will be airing in September. Although they are keeping mum around the plot at the moment, we already know a bit about Luke Cage from other hit Netflix series Jessica Jones, where Luke features as the main character's hunky but oh-so-wrong love interest. With only one more Marvel exclusive superhero show yet to air (Iron Fist) the momentum is building towards new show The Defenders (think The Avengers for the small screen), set to feature all four superheroes, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, all in one amazing bundle! You've been warned!


Series: Third

Premiere Date: TBC, confirmed for 2016

Fans of Charlie Brooker’s original twisted drama Black Mirror can look forward to a whopping 12 episodes of the acclaimed show coming to their screens this year after Netflix confirmed it will produce the next series. Yes, you read that right - 12 whole episodes - more than the first two series combined! Previously airing on Channel 4, expect plenty of black comedy coupled with satirical critique on the modern world, that will leave you creeped out and at the same time begging for more. We can't wait!


Series: First

Premiere Date: Friday March 11, 2016

Netflix seems to love Will Arnett (Arrested Development) at the moment, as this will be the third Netflix original show he’s helmed. We can't complain - married to comedy veteran Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation), that guy is Funny with a capital F. Guaranteed to make you giggle, Flaked will follow Arnett’s character, a self-help guru named Chip who, while struggling to keep abreast of his own lies, seems like he may need quite a bit of help himself.


Series: First

Premiere Date: Friday April 1, 2016

The Ranch, a western comedy mash-up, has some big names attached to it, and with great power comes great responsibility. Featuring Ashton Kutcher (Dude, Where's My Car) and Debra Winger (Terms of Endearment), the show’s premise is based around two brothers trying to run a ranch business in Colorado. But don’t expect it to be all drama – this show has the makings of a touching comedy at the heart of it.


Series: First

Premiere Date: Friday May 5, 2016

Marseille marks a significant milestone for Netflix as it’s first French original series, featuring French talent and subtitles throughout. After 25 years as the mayor of Marseille, Robert Taro (Depardieu), starts to lose everything, entering into a war of succession with his former protégé-turned-rival Lucas Barres. With a narrative of plotting, betrayal and devotion, could this be the next House of Cards? The historical prestige of French cinema and recent success of French TV shows such as The Returned, makes us convinced that this is one to watch out for.


Series: First

Premiere Date: TBC, confirmed for A/W 2016

First off, this is Netflix’s most expensive show to date, coming in at a whopping $100 million for its first series. Chronicling the life of the current Queen Elizabeth II from when she first ascends to the throne, it ambitiously aims to tell the whole story of the monarch up until the present day. With Peter Morgan, who wrote the Oscar-nominated The Queen and outstanding play The Audience, on board and Philomena’s Stephen Frears directing, you can expect drama, tension and fireworks as Elizabeth struggles to get to grips with her new role as ruler of England. It sounds so good that the Queen herself might tune in!

What Netflix shows are you most looking forward to seeing? While you wait, why not grab some DVDs from Asda online?