Beauty and the beast poster

Watch The Magical New Beauty And The Beast Trailer Here

It's just as enchanting as we hoped it would be...

Watch The Magical New Beauty And The Beast Trailer Here

The tale as old as time has been given a modern makeover and now the official, full-length live-action Beauty and the Beast trailer is finally here. 

Disney released a first trailer for the movie adaptation a few months ago, but this time round viewers are given a full two glorious minutes of fairy tale magic (including a glimipse of THAT yellow dress!). 

Starring the beautiful Emma Watson in the lead role, alongside Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens, the movie adaptation has Disney fans eagerly anticipating its release next spring. 

The film also stars Luke Evans as baddie Gaston, Kevin Kline as Maurice, the wonderful Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts and Josh Gad (Frozen) as Le Fou. The charming French Lumiere will be played by Ewan McGregor, and Ian McKellen will be Cogsworth.

Watch the incredible cast in the brand new trailer below. 

It's enough to give you goosebumps! 

Fans of the original Disney film will recognise the familiar notes of some of the classic songs, and director Bill Condon says viewers can expect to hear even more classics from the 1991 animated film — along with a few new, original songs.

Other changes we can expect from the new live-action film? In this modern version, Belle herself is also an inventor!

As fans of the fairy tale already know, the beautiful and clever Belle is trapped in the Beast’s enchanted castle after offering herself in exchange for the freedom of her father, Maurice.

Although Belle initially fears the Beast, she eventually becomes entranced by his magical castle its charmed inhabitants – including the mysterious rose hidden away in the west wing. As time passes, Belle and the Beast discover that there is ‘something there that wasn’t there before’ and their relationship blossoms - as the magical rose wilts. And then... well, if you don't know the story then we won't spoil it for you! 

We can't wait to be their guest and watch the magical new film when it hits cinemas on March 17, 2017. 

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