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3 Family-Friendly Films You Won’t Want To Miss

These blockbuster flicks will get everyone excited for movie night

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3 Family-Friendly Films You Won’t Want To Miss

Is there anything better than enjoying a family meal at your favourite restaurant, followed by a trip to the cinema to watch a new film release? That's what weekends are for – especially long weekends when you can take the whole family out and relax, safe in the knowledge that there are no early starts tomorrow! But it can be difficult to find new film releases that everyone will enjoy – even mum and dad! That's why we've rounded up three of the best blockbusters hitting the cinemas this month that will keep everybody entertained. 

This school holiday, kick back and relax with our pick of the best new film releases. From a highly-anticipated superhero action flick to the animated adventures that will have you laughing out loud, you won't want to miss these brilliant new film releases. Don't forget the popcorn! 

Kung Fu Panda 3 (out Friday, March 11th)

Po the loveable panda returns in another action comedy that will have the whole family in stitches. This time, Po is reunited with his long lost father Li who wants to take him back to his panda village. But Po can't be gone for too long – evil yak warrior Kai is out to steal his powers (“chi”). With help from his loyal friends Master Shifu and the Furious Five, can Po save his village and himself?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (out Friday, March 25th)

It's the superhero film that we've all been waiting for. Two of the most powerful characters in the DC comics world meet to battle it out – but who will win? Gotham's Batman will do anything to protect his city but Superman thinks that the billionaire turned defender has gone too far. But while these two forces are at war with one another, a new threat puts mankind in grave danger. Will these two mighty action heroes be able to work together? And how does Wonder Woman fit into the action? We can't wait to find out! 

Zootropolis (out Friday, March 25th)

This animated detective story has it all: drama, intrigue, laughter, and of course, super cute furry animals. Welcome to the land of Zootopia, a city inhabited by animals of all shapes and sizes. Everything works perfectly in this mammal metropolis, until animals start to go missing. Uptight bunny police officer Judy is put on the case, but finds herself forced to work with fox con artist Nick in order to solve it. Together they must find a way to restore the equilibrium between carnivores and herbivores before it threatens to throw the whole city into chaos. 

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