9 times Take That made us scream

The highs, the lows and lots 'n' lots of topless moments...

9 times Take That made us scream

Take That we HEART you. 

Our obsession started in 1990 and now, in 2017, you're still succeeding in making us swoon.

The world's most durable boyband are about to release their eighth studio album, Wonderland. What’s the secret to their long-lasting success? We can’t sum this up in words, so we’ve done the next best thing - a timeline of Take That moments that have made us so excited - or devastated - we’ve let out a little scream. 

1. When Take That got cheeky

Back in the very early days, Take That were always getting their bottoms out. The boys slipped into their favourite thongs for this naughty picture to promote their very first single, 'Do What You Like', back in 1991. *SCREAMS*

2. When Take That got leathered


More happy memories from TT’s early days included dance routines that involved pelvic thrusts, leather tassels and Gary sporting a peroxide blonde barnet. *SCREAMS*

3. When Take That had a shower


Topless, pouting and moodily taking a shower in a tree - no wonder the boys’ 'Pray' video is the fans’ number one all-time favourite. *SCREAMS* 

4. When Robbie left


July 1995 and all was not well in Take That land. Robbie Williams announced his departure due to friction citing 'musical differences'. And then there were four... *SCREAMS* 

5. When Take That broke up


The sound of a million hearts shattering filled the air when on 13th February 1996, Gary Barlow uttered the dreaded words: “Take That is no more”. The reaction from fans was so dire that the Samaritans set up a special helpline. *SCREAMS* 

6. When they reunited


After a decade of darkness, we had almost given up hope of ever, ever seeing our beloved boys together again. But then Mr Barlow uttered the treasured words: "Thanks for giving us the last 10 years off but the rumours are true. Take That are going back on tour”. *SCREAMS*

7. When Jason and Howard had a dance off

No one can deny that Jason Orange and Howard Donald were the best movers. Fans will never forget their amazing dance-off during the Progress Tour of 2011. *SCREAMS* 

8. When a robot attacked the band

Take That had a 20-metre-high robot-man join them on stage during one tour. But the giant mechanical beast malfunctioned halfway through a set of 'Never Forget' and trapped Mark Owen and Howard Donald in the clutches of his huge hands. *SCREAMS*

9. When Gary Barlow washed his hair

After admiring his lovely locks for years, fans were left stunned when Gary admitted he never washes his hair.  The 46-year-old revealed his dirty secret via Twitter, announcing he'd shampooed for the first time in 14 years. *SCREAMS*

Fancy some more screaming? Make sure you get your hands on Take That’s new album Wonderland here (released 24 March 17) or pop into your local store