The not-so chocolatey Easter basket

Everything you need for an amazing Easter - without the chocolate

By Sarah Alcock, 07 April 2017
The not-so chocolatey Easter basket

Easter fun doesn’t have to mean chocolate. 

They won’t even notice there’s not a chocolate in sight!

There are lots of activities, games, crafts and toys that can fill hours of time during the Easter holidays and celebrate being together as a family. From fun games and hunts in the garden, to creative time in the kitchen and chill out time together, there is plenty to do over the long weekend.

So read on to find out what you could get for your little ones that will give them hours of fun – and they won’t even notice there’s not a chocolate in sight!

Toys galore

Instead of hiding chocolate eggs around the garden, you could invest in a few of our goodie bag toys and hide them instead.

Like our bubbles, whistles and skipping ropes which will keep them busy for hours.

Or if you don't want to give big Easter eggs, this Lego Easter chick and Play-Doh Kitchen would go down a treat! 

Plus why not invest in classic Jenga to get the whole family involved!


Something to wear

These cute bunny pyjamas scream Easter! Present them with their new PJs on Easter Sunday and they'll definitely be excited to go to bed that night! 

And if you're heading out for an Easter weekend walk with all the family, they'll love these rabbit wellington boots to splash in the puddles and go exploring in the garden.

The Easter school holidays are the ideal time to get the kids kitted out for summer. You can pick up all the pieces you'll need to see them through to summer in store now, and it won't break the bank. From T-shirts to shorts, dresses to light hoodies there's everything they'll need to get outside.

Pictured left to right - T-shirt 4-14 years, from £7 (2-pack) 5679861; jeans, 4-14 years from £9, code 5663128. Hoodie, 1-6 years, from £5, code 5679862; shorts, 1-6 years from £5, code 5673609. Dress, 1-6 years, from £8, code 5669191. T-shirt, 4-14 years, from £7 (3-pack), code 5698037; hoodie, 4-14 years, from £8, code 5712600; jeans, 4-14 years, from £8, code 5671852


After all the excitement of hunting in the garden, playing with their new toys and eating a big feast, they'll be ready for a rest. 

Why not give them a DVD as an Easter present? Not only will they love Trolls, Moana, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them and Star Wars Rogue One, but you'll be able to put your feet up for a couple of hours too. 

Garden fun

Gardening, planting and watching things grow can be really exciting. So this Easter why not try giving them some gardening gifts to get them excited by the great outdoors. 

You could give them a cute daffodil pot to put in their bedroom - they'll love watering it and watching it flower.

Or pick up a few of these Paint Your Own Pots from George. Not only will they love decorating their personalised pots, but they can then plant seeds and watch the flowers grow - the perfect project for the school holidays.

Something to eat

You can get the kids in the kitchen at Easter to whip up some tasty treats. But they don't have to be sugary and chocolatey. We love these funny bunny shakes. Make sure you save a few milk bottles, write on them with black marker, cut out your carrot bunny ears and prepare the carrot, orange and banana smoothie. Easy. You could have them for breakfast or an afternoon treat.

Or get them to create their own Easter dessert with this fabulously fruity bouquet. Here's how to make it...

1. Ask a grown-up to help you peel pineapple, watermelon and orange melon and then cut them into slices about 1.5cm thick. 

2. Use small flower-, star-and heart-shaped cutters to cut out fruit shapes from the two different coloured melons and the pineapple.

3. Push green drinking straws into the fruit shapes (cut the bendy part of the straw away from some of them, and leave it on for the others, so that some of your flowers stand straight and some bend.)

4. Cut Granny Smith apples into wedges, toss them in lemon juice to stop them turning brown, and push the wedges onto some of the shorter green straws.

5. Push some white and black grapes onto green drinking straws, alternating colours. Repeat with raspberries and blueberries, alternating them on other green straws.

6. Put some oasis or florist's foam into a small flowerpot with a solid bottom. Poke the ends of your straws into it to form a bouquet effect, then cover the oasis with decorative craft grass.

To stock up on everything you'll need for Easter from food and drink to party bits, head online or pop into your local store.