How Norwegians do ‘Romjul’ AKA the week between Christmas and New Year

Hint: It involves lots of relaxing!

How Norwegians do ‘Romjul’ AKA the week between Christmas and New Year

Those clever Scandis; if it's not their jumpers and crime dramas that we're obsessed with then it's their work-life balance and their interior designs! But now we can add another lust-worthy Scandinavian concept to the list - 'Romjul.' 

The week after Christmas can be a bit of a strange time. On the one hand, you might want to start repairing some of the damage all that holiday eating and lounging on the sofa has done but on the other hand, there's New Year's Eve to look forward to when you really want to relax with a lovely glass of fizz. It's typically a rather dull week that can feel pretty stressful for those cleaning up after the Christmas festivities or preparing for NYE plans.

Enter Romjul - a Norwegian term for the period between Christmas and New Year's that's meant for spending time at home with friends and family. 

According to Lauren Bravo from The Pool, Romjul is "more than just a calendar term, it’s also a ritual and a mindset, a time to cosy up with loved ones, take long, healthful walks, slow life to a meditative pace and reflect on the year just been."

In other words, an excuse to get cosy and hibernate with your family. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

To embrace the Norwegian Romjul experience, Lauren advises staying in a dressing gown for as long as you can and enjoy relaxing activities with family, like completing jigsaw puzzles, going for long walks and eating up every scrap of Christmas leftovers. 

Use this period to give your mind and body some rest, and spend time with loved ones. Instead of fretting about what the new year might bring, or the celebrations that have just been, think of Romjul as a special occasion in and of itself. But instead of requiring lots of planning (like Christmas and New Year's tend to), this is a special occasion where all you have to do is cosy up and relax.

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