Olly Murs reveals his ultimate playlist

The cheeky Essex chap that makes our hearts skip (skip) a beat reveals his favourite songs in this exclusive video...

Olly Murs reveals his ultimate playlist

Britain's favourite pop star is releasing a new album this November and it's set to be yet another get-on-your-feet-and-dance classic! Full of upbeat tracks like this summer's smash hit ‘You Don’t Know Love’ plus ridiculously catchy tunes like 'Grow Up' (check out the adorable music video here), this is the feel-good album you'll want to listen to on a loop this autumn.

Titled 24 hrs, this is Olly's fifth studio album and is set for release on November 11 (be sure to pick up your copy from Asda - before it sells out).

It's been a busy couple of years for the English singer-songwriter. The former X-Factor contestant has been taking the music scene by storm since he finished third in the singing competition seven years ago, having released four double platinum albums since then and enjoyed another four No. 1 singles. Olly has also carved out a successful career as a TV presenter, not to mention taking part in multiple charity events. He's teamed up with big name acts from Demi Lovato to Flo Rida, and he even played with Take That to a 65,000 Hyde Park crowd this summer. Not too shabby.

Fans love Olly's soulful vocals and upbeat sound almost as much as they love that cheeky grin! And it turns out that the handsome Essex boy has great taste in music and a wonderful sense of humour, too. Why doesn't that surprise us? In an exclusive Q&A with Asda, Olly shared some of his favourite tracks including what he listens to when he wants to get motivated at the gym. "The song I listen to to fire me up for a work out has to be Robbie Williams’ 'Let Me Entertain You,' because  I like to entertain everyone in the gym while I’m sweating!" he says. 

He also loves 'Uptown Funk' by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson ("it gets me in a good mood!") plus reveals what he listens to when he’s cooking, relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, on a date and after he’s won a footie match. Check out his jukebox picks in the video below. 

Great picks, Olly! Get your copy of Olly's latest album, 24 hrs from Asda