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14 things you might have missed from this year’s Oscars

We've got the lowdown on what went on at the biggest awards ceremony of the year

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14 things you might have missed from this year’s Oscars

1. Inside Out director Pete Docter won 'dad of the Year'

Pete told his kids live on air that they could get a puppy. Best dad ever?

2. Am I the Droid you're looking for?

The humans weren't the only stars to party hard. BB-8, R2-D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars were spotted having the time of their lives, schmoozing with the stars and having last minute touch-ups before their moment on stage – because a droid has gotta look his best, ok?


Droids need last looks too #oscars

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Making friends backstage at the #oscars. #starwars #bb8

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No-one was as excited about this as little Jacob Tremblay from Room. 

3. Girl Scout's distributed cookies to the A-list

Following on from previous Oscar show snacks, such as Ellen’s infamous pizza order, Rock didn’t fail to disappoint. Being a good dad, Rock bought his daughters to the Oscars to help sell their Girl Scout cookies. And boy did the celebs love them! From Matt Damon sharing his mint thins with Christian Bale, to Morgan Freeman and Michael Keaton scoffing cookies on stage, they literally went down a treat. Who would have thought the celebs were so food starved? 


4. Lady Gaga's moving performance

There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Lady Gaga performed her song, ‘Til It Happens To You’, on stage alongside survivors of sexual abuse.

The song, co-written by Gaga and Diane Warren for the documentary The Hunting Ground, aims to bring a voice to those who have suffered sexual assault across American universities. Not only was it incredibly moving on-stage, but best actress winner Brie Larson was so touched that she hugged each and every woman as they left the stage after the performance. Powerful stuff.

5. The moment documentary filmmakers were recognised

Before presenting the documentary short prize, Louis C.K. nobly put everything into perspective by highlighting that for many of the nominees in the room, the awards aren't that big of deal. However, for documentary (especially documentary short), it's a very different story. "This is documentary short film. It’s not even documentary feature. You cannot make a dime on this. These people will never be rich as long as they live," he joked. "So this Oscar means something because all they do is tell stories that are important… They’re going home in a Honda Civic. This Oscar could be the nicest thing they ever own in their life." We know how they feel.

6. Celeb family members got to walk the red carpet

It can be hard to relate to the big movie stars in their beautiful dresses with their glam makeovers. That's why we love it when they bring their relatives. Like a deer in headlights, it's great to see them gasping at the stars and glamour. There was no shortage of family love this year, from Michael Fassbender bringing his dad to Leo and his mum – and our absolute favourite: Chris Evans super excited sister. 

7. Leo finally won!

It was the moment we were all waiting for. After 37 films and FIVE previous nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. And everyone, from Kate Winslet and Toby Maguire to the general public, rejoiced.

8. Tom Hooper's queen-like wave

The award for most British, queen-like wave goes to Tom Hooper who was caught off-guard during Alicia Vikander's speech. You can totally see the thought process here. 'Should I wave? I'm not sure... YES! NO! OK, I'm already waving... Commit to it, Tom. Hopefully no-one will notice.' We all noticed Tom. And we loved it.

9. These guys 

They are so pumped they've won that they've completely forgotten where they are and thrown any sense of decorum out the window. YOLO.

10. All the ladies in glasses

We're not quite sure who started this trend, but intelligent looking ladies embracing their nerdy sides sure beats red carpet dress-offs anyday.

11. Jacob Tremblay and Sofia Vergara, together at last

How unbelievably adorable is little Jacob Tremblay (who played Jack in Room)? The guy has a big thing for Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara and was over the moon to meet her at the awards.

Sofia shared these snaps of the night on her instagram and it couldn't have been cuter. This gives us all the feels.



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12. The champagne flute shortage of 2016

You know something's wrong with the world when the Oscars runs out of champagne flutes and the guests are forced to drink out of wine glasses.

13. Tom Hardy taking a selfie with his phone...

Not only is Mr. Hardy having the time of his life taking photos with Oscar winner Leo, but he appears to be taking selfies with a phone that has a Tom Hardy case. #lifegoals

14. Mark Ruffalo being a boss.

Perhaps the most suprising thing to emerge from the Oscars was the rise of a new celeb bad boy. Was it Leo for his womanising? Tom Hardy for his hard man selfie-taking skills? Or new ladies 'man' Jacob Tremblay? *drumroll please*

And the winner is... Mark Ruffalo! Who would have thought it?

First this wink: 

And then some attempted robbery:


I tried to make off with the big one. Security stopped me. Darn it. #oscars

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If there were awards for rock and roll attitude, Mark would win hands down.

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