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When you wish upon a star: Disneyland-style resort to open in the UK!

'Paramount London' will be open to Disney fans from 2021 and we can't wait for the Mickey magic

When you wish upon a star: Disneyland-style resort to open in the UK!

Hold your breath and count to ten, because our dreams have just come true. A UK Disney-style theme park is officially coming to our shores! Based in Kent, the park has been in the offing since 2012 and after initial setbacks, sources close to the park project are now whispering that plans have officially been put in motion.

While it won't be exactly like Disneyland, it will feature heaps of magic, fun and adventure, with attractions for all the family. Excited? We thought so.

So what do we know so far? We've got the lowdown...

It will be in Kent 

The resort will be built on what's called the Swanscombe Peninsula - an area of land between Gravesend and Dartford in Kent. Most excitingly, the nearest station will be Ebbsfleet International, which is on the Eurostar route between London and Paris and will take less than an hour to get to from London by train or car.

It will be bigger than the Olympic Park 

Sources say the park’s site is likely to be a whopping 872 acres. By comparison, this is almost double the Olympic Park in Stratford. Double!

It will be Hollywood-themed 

The park has already signed a licensing deal with Hollywood studio Paramount Pictures. This could mean that attractions may be based around iconic films such as Mission: Impossible, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Transformers, How to Train Your Dragon, Friday the 13th and The Godfather. We're sold!

Big British brands will also have star attractions

The BBC and Aardman Animations are interested in being part of the park, with reports saying the BBC have already signed a deal to be featured. This may mean that some of the corporation's biggest shows such as Doctor Who, Top Gear and Sherlock could make an appearance. 

It will have a water park 

A waterpark in Britain, you say? It'll never work. Well, early plans have suggested the resort might be home to Europe’s largest indoor water park, so you can splash away without the fear of the unpredictable British weather hampering your fun. Yippee!

It will include theatres, cinemas and live music venues

Yes, this means you may never need to go anywhere else again.

It will attract roughly 50,000 tourists a day

Initial estimates suggest that the park will be really popular. So popular in fact, the resort could attract up to 50,000 tourists a day. Now that's a lot of people.

It’s due to open in 2021

The original opening date of 2018 may have been pushed back, but we're happy to wait a bit longer because it just sounds amazing. Construction is set to begin in 2018 and finish by 2021, so it won't be too long before we can join Mickey, Pluto and co.

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To find out more about Paramount London, head to the official site londonparamount.info