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Ingenious parenting hacks from other mums

Parenting blog Muddled Up Mummy is here to make you feel like Superwoman…

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Ingenious parenting hacks from other mums

Whether you've got four kids under the age of ten or you're a first time mum, there's always something new to be learnt from others. Step up Muddled Up Mummy, a Facebook page full of parenting hacks from real mums that will help to ease the pain of everyday situations.

Whatever your concern, there is bound to be a parenting hack to solve the problem in a quick and painless way. Sick of your children drawing on the walls? Why not use a cardboard box as a make-shift art room? Struggling to get them to eat or drink anything healthy? Sprinkles will make even green smoothies look delicious! Can't get grass stains off their clothes? These mums have got a unique trick involving vodka to get jeans clean again. All of these concerns and more are a thing of the past thanks to Muddled Up Mummy. 

Here are our favourite parenting hacks from the real life mums...


1. The playtime hack


A cardboard box not only gives kids hours of colouring in fun, it also protects your walls and furniture from rogue crayon marks!


2. The health hack


Can't get the kids to drink healthy smoothies? Add sprinkles and even a kale and celery shake will suddenly seem irresistible...


3. The unnecessary waste hack


Fed up with your kids using half a roll every time they go to the loo? Give them a marker, so they know when they've gone too far.


4. The health hack they'll love


Who knew that a few marshmallows would soothe a sore throat?


5. The money saving hack


A little DIY goes a long way! Once they've grown out of their cot, turn it into a fun activity table to make sure you really get your money's worth.


6. The beach hack


Use a fitted sheet at the beach to ensure you have at least one sand-free area to sit and eat lunch.

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