Peppa pig family jumping in muddy puddle

Revealed: How Mummy and Daddy Pig Stay Fit, Plus Get Your Bake On With Their Favourite Cookie Recipe!

How does Daddy Pig stay so trim? And what did the couple do in a former life?

Revealed: How Mummy and Daddy Pig Stay Fit, Plus Get Your Bake On With Their Favourite Cookie Recipe!

So tell us all about a normal day in the Pig household?

Mummy Pig: We love being outdoors as a family, so we spend lots of time together jumping in muddy puddles! I also love teaching Peppa and George new things such as how to bake delicious cookies, teaching Peppa to learn how to read and have even taught them to ice skate!

Daddy Pig: Ah yes, it is great to get outdoors!

What do you do to stay active?

Mummy Pig: Running around after Peppa and George helps to keep me in shape!

Daddy Pig: Luckily I don’t have to exercise, I’m naturally fit and this tummy is pure muscle! But I have been known to participate in a muddy puddle competition from time to time. I don’t like to boast but I am the champion muddy puddle jumper!

Daddy Pig, you work so hard, how do you manage to achieve a good work/life balance?

Daddy Pig: Ho Ho Ho, well I’m a bit of an expert at most things, so I find it easy to relax, particularly in my favourite deck chair where I can check the grass is growing as it should. I am very good at DIY, I find a hammer takes care of all decorating jobs. 

Mummy Pig, it’s always challenging to fit cooking into a busy day, what is your favourite go-to family recipe?

Mummy Pig: We like to ensure the family has a varied and healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. And we all love my delicious homemade cookies! Daddy Pig’s pancakes are a special treat as well.

Tell us something people may not know about the two of you?

Mummy Pig: Oh Daddy Pig and I trained as ballet dancers.

Daddy Pig: Oh yes, Mummy Pig and I…

Mummy Pig: That was a long time ago though, now we leave the ballet to Peppa!

What’s your proudest family achievement?

Daddy Pig: Mummy Pig's book "Funny Onion" making the bestseller list!

Mummy Pig: But the thing we are most proud of is having two lovely little piggies who fill our days with snorts, giggles and laughter.

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