Who wouldn’t want to look at these photos of firefighters rescuing animals?

Hunky firefighters plus cute animals: The ultimate combination

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Who wouldn’t want to look at these photos of firefighters rescuing animals?

In this week's Pet Corner, we're saluting the amazing Firefighters around the world who not only risk their lives to save other people, but also go the extra mile to save our furry (and not so furry) friends. From tiny hamsters to scaly lizards, no animal is too small to be saved! We've found 12 amazing photos of firefighters rescuing cats from burning buildings, giving water to parched koalas and reviving guinea pigs with oxygen masks that are guaranteed to make your heart melt.

For so many of us, our pets aren't just animals – they're beloved family members. We love spoiling them with yummy pet food and fun pet toys, and have so many happy memories with them. Which is what makes the idea of something bad happening to our pets so unthinkable, and why we're so grateful to firefighters who conduct daring acts to save them. To celebrate these amazingly brave firefighters, here are some images of the most incredible pet rescues. 

1. A gentle giant


2. This lucky cat was pulled from a burning building


3. Another lucky escape


4. A bearded dragon lizard is revived with oxygen


5. Firefighters saved this guy from a storm


6. This is just too cute


7. A thirsty koala caught in a bushfire


8. No animal is too small!


9. Breathing a sigh of relief


10. A rescued iguana


11. Team work


12. Python pet rescue

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