Children playing outside with big balloon ball

Pinterest Games And Crafts To Keep The Kids Entertained For Hours!

Because we all need inspiration for home entertainment...

Pinterest Games And Crafts To Keep The Kids Entertained For Hours!

Still looking for entertainment ideas? These activities will encourage your little one's creative side with fun projects and games that will keep the children busy for hours!

We've cherry-picked a mix of kids activities that will keep the whole family entertained at home. Or, perhaps you'd really like some time to yourself this weekend! If that's you, then our round-up will keep little hands busy with clever crafts and engaging games.

The best part is that you probably have everything you need already at home. Get ready for a weekend of fun with our pick of Pinterest's best activities for kids. Bookmark it now and you'll thank us later! 


1. painting with veg

Got some extra celery lying around from last night's dinner? Get painting! 

2. balloon tennis

Keep kids entertained with a simple game of balloon tennis.

3. make a basket...with newspaper

Children will love building this basket almost as much as you'll love the end result!

4. serve ice cream from a bag

There's no need for an ice-cream maker in this child-friendly ice cream recipe...

5. play with bubble snakes

The only thing better than playing with bubbles? Playing with bubble snakes!

6. get scientific

Turn milk and vinegar into plastic. Who knew? 

7. bring out a classic

Get kids moving with a good old game of 'Simon Says'.

8. don't forget older kids

Origami, anyone?

9. mAKE AN 'I'm bored' jar

Just the thing for a quiet weekend!

10. Have an a-mazing time 

Make a maze!

11. Make pavement paint

You only need three household ingredients...

12. Pick some flowers together... 

And then let their imaginations run wild!

13. get outside

Kids will love running around the garden on this nature scavenger hunt.

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