Planet Earth 2 filmmakers reveal that they saved the baby turtles

It's a Christmas miracle! Producers defied convention to rescue the adorable critters

Planet Earth 2 filmmakers reveal that they saved the baby turtles

Viewers from all around the world have been mesmerised by David Attenborough’s breath-taking Planet Earth 2. But the finale of the nature documentary series left many fans more than just a little teary-eyed. 

The episode, called Cities, was difficult to watch as it showed how many different animals have had to learn how to live in urban habitats - with serious consequences.

In one very emotional scene, thousands of newly-hatched turtles find themselves totally disoriented by the city lights in Barbados and are unable to make their way safely into the sea. Instead, they crawl towards busy city roads, mistaking the bright urban lights for the moonlight on the ocean. 

Attenborough revealed that four in every five hawksbill turtles will fail to survive their first night. Because of this, the future of the entire species is in danger.

These baby turtles were heading towards an almost certain death, however the good news is that it turns out each and every one of those struggling newborns was saved by the producers!

Going against rules set by Attenborough himself, which requests that they "look and not interfere," the BBC producers stepped in and rescued as many baby turtles as they could.

"Every turtle that was seen or filmed by the #PlanetEarth2 crew was collected and put back into the sea," they confirmed on Twitter. Hooray!

According to The Telegraph, a BBC source added that, in this instance, the problem was "man-made" and so it was incredibly appropriate that man stepped in to help solve it.

The documentary makers worked together with the Barbados Sea Turtle project, an organisation aimed at highlighting this growing problem and that collects lost turtles and puts them back on course to the sea. 

What a marvellous organisation and a happy ending to a very dramatic series!