Pokemon painted pumpkin

​Catch Them All With This Pokemon Painted Pumpkin

Our Pikachu pumpkin might not be scary but it sure is cute...

​Catch Them All With This Pokemon Painted Pumpkin

Transform your regular pumpkin into the most popular Pokemon character with our easy three-step tutorial below. With the recent Pokemon Go craze that has swept the nation, we decided our Pikachu pumpkin would be the coolest Halloween decoration on the street!

You will need:

Download Pikachu's face and ear stencil template here

Step 1: Paint the pumpkin a bright yellow (for best results, prime the pumpkin with a layer of white paint first and allow to fully dry). Using the stencil (which you can download here), mark out the face and paint in the features.

Step 2: Using coloured foam, cut out the circles for the rosy cheeks as per the stencil below. 

Step 3: Cut out, paint and attached the ears using PVA glue to complete.

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