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10 Times The Queen Made Us Love Her Even More

From her sense of humour to her style, her are some of Her Majesty's best moments...

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10 Times The Queen Made Us Love Her Even More

Queen Elizabeth II is loved and admired by people all over the world, and it's not hard to see why! She's a real force of nature – a 90-year-old monarch who still rides and drives, an impeccable style icon and a real source of inspiration to so many. Even in Her Majesty's more unguarded moments, she amazes and delights, as you'll see in some of the touching images and videos below. And did you know that she likes to eat cornflakes for breakfast? Yes, it's true! To celebrate just how wonderful she is, we've picked ten of our favourite Queen Elizabeth moments. From her fabulous sense of humour to her role as a granny to her impressive and long-standing reign, is it any surprise that we love the Queen as much as we do? Discover some of Queen Elizabeth II's highlights below...

1. The time she jumped out of an aeroplane with James Bond

Quite possibly the best moment of the 2012 Olympic Games was during the Opening Ceremony when the Queen joined Daniel Craig's 007 and hurled herself out of a helicopter into the stadium. OK, so it was actually a stuntman wearing a version of the Queen's pink dress but the Queen still played her role beautifully and it was totally hilarious and so unexpected. Watch the hilarious video here

2. The time she dropped the mic with Prince Harry

After receiving a challenge from The Obamas to promote the Invictus Games, Prince Harry enlisted the help of his grandmother the Queen to star in a hilarious video. The video has since gone viral and been retweeted over 30,000 times and liked more than 45,000 times - watch it below and you'll see why!

3. The time we found that Her Majesty binge watches telly, just like us!

The Queen's not one for recording her favourite programmes so that she can catch up on the weekend (she's far too busy for that, obviously). Apparently, instead the royal family send out a list of programmes that they want to watch, which are then promptly delivered for their binge watching pleasure. What does One like to watch? The Queen has previously said that she’s a fan of Eastenders, Coronation Street, Doctor Who, Antiques Roadshow and even The X Factor! According to author Brian Hoey, Her Majesty loves watching Downton Abbey and pointing out the things they have got wrong. Well, she is the expert...

4. The time she had the sweetest granny name

Kate Middleton revealed recently that Prince George has a nickname for Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II - the very sweet and much shorter, ‘Gan Gan!’ How adorable.

5. The time she slipped out of the palace

According to Lord Porchester, who was having dinner at the Palace at the time, the future Queen and her sister Princess Margaret slipped out of the Palace on VE day to mingle incognito with the crowds. Good for them! 

6. The time she had the best photobomb ever

Australian field-hockey player Jayde Wells was competing in the Commonwealth Games back in July 2014 when she scored off the field, thanks to this shot of the Queen making an appearance in the background of her selfie shot. So sweet and quite funny - it's no surprise that the photo went viral.


7. The time she learned how to drive

Her Majesty certainly has no need for a driver's license but she learned how to drive anyway during World War II in order to assist in the war effort. She's frequently been spotted behind the wheel since then and even reportedly once drove a very surprised Prince Abdullah around Balmoral - despite the fact that women are still not permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia.

8. The time she dressed to perfection

Which is every time! From her tonal dressing to her matching accessories, Her Majesty never steps a sensibly clad shoe wrong. Discover the secrets behind the Queen's style here

9. The time she teased the Prime Minister of Canada

When the Queen attended the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Canada back in 2015, she hilariously responded to the PM Justin Trudeau's praise of her 'long and tireless service' with the quip, 'Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister of Canada, for making me feel so old.' Catch the funny moment in the video below, starting from one minute in. 


10. The time she became the nation's longest reigning Queen

Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning queen on the 9 September 2015, passing the record set by Queen Victoria. The Queen has held her position for more than 64 years - how impressive! 

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