The queen with her greatgrandchildren

Happy 90th Birthday to The Queen! See ALL the photos the royal family have released on this historic day

Children, great-grandchildren and, of course, the corgis

Happy 90th Birthday to The Queen! See ALL the photos the royal family have released on this historic day

The Queen turns 90 today and to celebrate this historic landmark, the royal family has released three stunning new portraits for the whole country to enjoy – all of which you can see here.

Following on from the exclusive Royal Mail portrait released yesterday, three new shots have been released today. The new snaps show the Queen with other members of her family from her great-grandchildren, to her only daughter and last but not least, her beloved corgis.

Taken by renowned American photographer Annie Leibovitz, who previously photographed the Queen in 2007, it's the picture of the Queen surrounded by the youngest members of the royal family that has really won the hearts of the nation.

Obviously we all know Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who is sat on the Queen's lap, but this is the first time most of us will have seen her other great-grandchildren. Left to right, they are James, Viscount Severn (8), Lady Louise Alice Elizabeth Mary Mountbatten-Windsor (12), Mia Tindall (2), Savannah Phillips (5), Prince George (2) and Isla Phillips (4). Mia Tindall really steals the limelight in this picture as, aged just two, she's already mimicking Her Majesty in a very regal pose with the Queen's handbag!

Royal fanatics will notice that the picture is reminiscent of Queen Victoria's favourite style of oil painting: the former monarch was often painted surrounded by the royal children with the youngest in her arms, just like the Queen is cradling Charlotte here. It looks like this portrait is already destined to be a classic with a modern twist – much like the Queen herself. 

The second picture celebrates one of the most important relationships in the Queen's life: that with her only daughter Anne. This photo recognises the strong women of the Monarchy and how they support each other, while also showcasing the special bond that exists between mother and daughter. We love the informal pose, which we often don't see from older members of the royal family.

Lastly, the Queen is pictured relaxing on the steps of the East Terrace at Windsor castle with her beloved corgis and dorgis (corgi/dachshund cross) Willow, Holly, Vulcan and Candy. The Queen and corgis have become a British institution in their own right, having been in the family since her father George VI introduced them in 1933. We just hope they are celebrating her birthday with a big Corgi beach party.

Just like her portraits, the Queen will be ringing in her 90th year in style with a large dinner for the entire family tonight at Windsor Castle – much like we would celebrate at home! We hope that she has a fantastic day.

How are you celebrating the Queen's historic birthday? Let us know by using #goodliving! 

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