Rainy day activities to keep the kids entertained

From bath tub boat races to gooey edible slime, fill these spring weekends with fun

Rainy day activities to keep the kids entertained

One of the reasons why it's so difficult to make plans in the UK is the unpredictable nature of our, well, nature. Never is that more apparent than in spring, when there's as much chance of snow as sun. Hail, monsoon-like showers, frost or sunburn – you won't know what weather card you'll be dealt until the last minute.

When the sun is a no-show – and getting ice cream is out of the question – be content in the knowledge that there are plenty of super-fun ways to keep the kids entertained.

Here are our favourite ideas...

Try a science experiment 

Rainy day fun, with a little learning thrown in for good measure? Sounds good to us! What kid wouldn't want to try creating these 'apple volcanoes'? All you'll need is apples, an apple corer (or sharp knife), baking soda, food colouring (optional), vinegar and a pan to catch the 'lava'. Explosive fun! 

get out the papier mache

There's no denying that it makes a mess – but boy oh boy us papier mache fun! Try making masks, decorations – or even maracas. That should occupy them for a long afternoon…

rock out

When rainy weather strikes, reach for the karaoke machine! It's a foolproof way to keep kids occupied – though adults may well want a piece of the action, too... Try this Tzumi Black Pop Solo Karaoke Mic.

Have an a-mazing time 

Talk about cheap entertainment! All you need to create an 'Entrapment'-style laser challenge is a big roll of sticky tape, or a roll of crepe paper, and kids can weave under and around the 'beams' until they reach the end of the hallway.

Don your aprons

Baking is a great way to keep the troops occupied, with the added bonus of a sweet treat to look forward to at the end!

Plus, there are some bakes that don't even require turning the oven on - perfect for muggy spring days. Try our Maltesers Teasers and Galaxy Golden Eggs Rocky Road – it's perfect for using up any leftover Easter chocolate!

Make your own Bird feeders

It might be raining outside, but these homemade bird feeders are a great way to keep in touch with nature from the comfort of the warm. They only require three ingredients and can be made into any shape you like with a biscuit cutter (just be careful and make sure an adult stays present, as biscuit cutters can be sharp!). Thread with a loop of string or ribbon and you’re good to go.

Want to turn it into a game or competition? Create a checklist of common garden birds. The player who spots and ticks off the most birds over the course of the day wins!

Host a themed movie night 

Can't get enough of Harry Potter? Or how about Jurassic Park? Pick a movie that you and your kids love and theme your decor, snacks and music around it. Have a magical time making these Golden Snitch Cake Pops, or serve a load of snacks off our dinosaur-patterned plates.

host your own Balloon bath tub races

Bath sponges, balloons and a few plastic tubes are all you need to make these super fun balloon speedboats. Fill the tub, organise a race and watch the laughter unfold. Even the big kids will want to get involved with this one.

be puzzled

One of our favourite age-old rainy day activities has to be getting stuck into a good puzzle. We have a selection available online, as well classic games like Jenga, Twister and Scrabble.

time for Edible slime workshop

This is play dough with a difference — it’s delicious!

Simply melt some gummy bears in the microwave and stir in icing sugar and corn flour. Once it’s cool enough to touch, knead until smooth. Just remember to keep the melted gummy bear mixture out of reach of any little ones until it’s ready to play with - it will be seriously hot.

Find all the ingredients and equipment you need to create an amazing rainy day of fun online, or pop into your local Asda store