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9 of the most romantic movie scenes guaranteed to make you weep

If these famous movie scenes don’t melt your heart this Valentine’s Day, nothing will...

9 of the most romantic movie scenes guaranteed to make you weep

In the mood for love? Or maybe just a good cry? These ridiculously romantic movies are guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings so grab the tissues, turn up the volume and prepare to weep…


Love Actually


Ok, so the motive behind this one might be slightly suspect (she’s married to his best friend, after all), but the sentiment is enough to make us well up every single time. Sob.


Jerry Maguire


For a moment, we thought Jerry had lost Dorothy forever… until she utters one of the most memorable lines from a film ever…


Pretty Woman


This has got to be up there with the top fantasies of all time: dashing man rescues beautiful woman from her gritty life and sweeps her off her feet with one giant romantic gesture. Swoon.


Romeo and Juliet


Not that we like to admit it, but Leo is the only reason we know the story of Romeo and Juliet as well as we do. He even manages to make fish tanks sexy.


When Harry Met Sally


This doesn’t need explaining:


An Officer and a Gentleman


Another sweep-her-off-her-feet fantasy we just can’t get enough of. And one of the most copied scenes of all time – remember Ross and Rachel in Friends?


Sleepless in Seattle


Where do we start? This film showcased Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan at their best and set the scene for many future Tom and Meg reunions (You’ve Got Mail) and... it was just about the most perfect love story ever told.


Bridget Jones Diary


Our favourite modern day Mr Darcy made us go weak at the knees (and ruined all real-life men for us) when he told Bridget he liked her ‘just as you are’. Will anyone ever be as good as Colin Firth?


The Notebook


This is where our Ryan Gosling obsession started.  That should be enough to make you want to watch the whole film, but in case you need more check out this scene where Noah (Gosling) tells Allie he wrote her a love letter every day for a whole year:


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