Watch the surprise new trailer for Sherlock series four

People, we have an official start date. It’s happening!

Watch the surprise new trailer for Sherlock series four

As the Great British Bake Off aired its final episode on BBC One last night, ahead of its reported £75 million move to Channel 4, fans could have teetered on the edge of a huge come down.

“Everything they know will be tested...Everyone they know is under threat”

We say ‘could’, because instead of letting that happen, the BBC pulled an incredibly savvy stunt, sneaking a Hollywood-style trailer for the brand new series of Sherlock into the GBBO final credits!

Naturally, viewers were left on the edge of their seats by the series four teaser, with many taking to Twitter to share their shock, joy and excitement.

While some praised the BBC for ending GBBO on an unexpected high, others were elated to finally have an official start date for the new series.




That’s right, Sherlock series four will finally hit our screens on New Year’s Day 2017, with things set to get incredibly tense.

Between shots of a stubbled Sherlock and a pensive Watson, we see plenty of drama unfold, with the trailer telling us: “Everything they know will be tested...Everyone they know is under threat.”

Benedict Cumberbatch has even warned that following the happenings in the upcoming series, which is set to delve deeper into Sherlock's past, fans of the show will likely need a break following the finale, due to the incredibly intense plotline.

In a recent interview, the actor explained why cast and crew are likely to leave a longer gap than normal between series four and the filming of a future series five, telling reporters: “I think there will be a lull. I don't think it will be in a year and a half necessarily but we will wait and see and maybe it will be.

“First and foremost we have got a fourth series for people to watch and understand and when they watch it they might go 'Oh yeah, maybe there does need to be a break now' because of what happens in it. No spoilers!”

Goodness, we can’t wait! Watch the full trailer below.

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