Get a sneak peek inside the incredible new Star Wars exhibition

Check out the out-of-this-world exhibit that's coming to London this week

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Get a sneak peek inside the incredible new Star Wars exhibition

As Star Wars fans get ready for the upcoming Rogue One (is it December 15 yet?), sci-fi lovers in London can get their galaxy fixes now with an amazing exhibition that's opening up this weekend.  

The coolest display in the galaxy, Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition, is continuing its world tour with a stop at The O2, London. 

Visitors to the brilliant exhibit will be able to view hundreds of costumes, props, artwork and models from the Star Wars saga, which includes the original trilogy, its prequels and TV's Clone Wars. The display will be in London from from November 18 this year through to September 3 2017.

The aim of the exhibit is to explore the complex idea of identity and to give visitors a better understanding of what makes the characters of Star Wars who they are. Here's hoping that we'll uncover who Rey's parents really are

But that's not all - visitors will also explore their own identity by embarking on an interactive quest to find their own totally personalised Star Wars character. When you arrive, you'll be given a wristband that collects data. Then as you tour the exhibit, you will use your wristband to answer a series of questions about the forces that shape you. Then at the end, you will discover which Star Wars character you are! While there are 16 possible species you could be (like a Jedi Knight or a Wookiee), no two characters are the same. 

Excited yet? Discover the forces that shape you at Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition and get a sneak peek inside the exhibit below.

One of the most striking memorabilia on display includes Darth Vader's terrifying original costume.

The Star Wars exhibition includes a few pieces from last year's The Force Awakens, including a chance to meet the adorable BB-8!

The incredible Star Wars exhibition has been touring the world, and comes to London's O2 from November 18 this year through to September 3, 2017. More information can be found at

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But for those of you who are unable to get tickets or just can't wait until the opening, why not create your own Star Wars universe in the comfort of your own home? Spruce up your bedroom with Star Wars-inspired bedding and lampshade which will have you dreaming of a galaxy far far away!

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