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This Dad Just Had The Star Wars Shopping Trip Of His LIFE

Star Wars swag for kids of all sizes

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This Dad Just Had The Star Wars Shopping Trip Of His LIFE

Good news for big kids everywhere! Releasing your inner geek and playing with the coolest toys in the galaxy has never been easier, as funny dad Stef Michalak explains in the video below. 

The father of two-year-old Grayson (aka the little Wookie) starts off by revealing what mums everywhere have long suspected...

“Here's an interesting fact,” says Stef. “If you look inside any man's brain you're going to find a small boy that wants to completely forget about property prices and just play Star Wars.” 

Stef goes on to explain that although it may be frowned upon for grown men to play like children, it CAN be done...

Enter the new Star Wars toys range from Asda, a collection that Stef proves will thrill kids and adults alike. From a Storm Trooper Nerf gun to a Lego Millennium Falcon, there's plenty of Star Wars swag for everyone, available in store May 4th. Stef takes viewers through his impressive 'haul' and even manages to get some new décor for his office desk in the shape of a sleek BB-8 figure that can be controlled through his iPhone!

Gadgets, collectibles, video games and costumes are just some of the Star Wars toys that vlogger Stef talks about and plays with (his son gets in on the action, too). But any fan knows that a sci-fi fantasy haul wouldn't be complete without a Darth Vader light saber, which of course Stef has. "You can almost feel the force when you hold it," he says. "Although that could just be indigestion," he adds. 

Watch the entire video above and see funny big-kid-in-a-dad's-body Stef enjoy his Star Wars toys with his adorable son Grayson. 

Want to get in on the action? Pick up Star Wars toys for children of all sizes at your nearest Asda shop or online, available from May 4th. May the fourth be with you... (sorry!)