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School’s out: 5 ways to keep them entertained at home

You'll never hear the dreaded phrase 'I'm bored' again...

School’s out: 5 ways to keep them entertained at home

School's out for summer. And although that means no more early school runs or frantic mornings trying to get you and your little ones ready, it does mean you'll need to get your thinking caps on. It's time to entertain the kids for six whole weeks.

Keeping them occupied and not feeling (dare we say it) 'bored' can be easier than you think. It's also possible to do from the comfort of your own home. From creating your own mini sports day, to hosting your own outdoor cinema days, and board game competitions for rainy days - keep their brains ticking this summer with these ideas. 

1. Create a mini PLAYGROUND in your garden

There's nothing quite like a trip to the playground - the kids love the swings and can use up all their energy. But it's so much easier to keep an eye on them if you have something similar in your own garden. So this summer kit out your outdoor space and let them play uninterrupted for hours!

As soon as the hot weather hits, you could blow up a paddling pool or invest in an easy-to-set-up swing and let them leap into action on a trampoline to help create an adventure playground in your outdoor space. 

2. And...action!

Who needs a drive-in when you can create your own cinema in your back garden or lounge? Save on the ticket price this summer and bring the big screen to you.

If it's a rainy day, create a cinematic atmosphere inside with this light box and find your own Hollywood star on the hall of fame with this illuminating star. You could also pin up some fairy lights too. Or if you're venturing outside, throw a checked rug on the grass, grab some picnic plates and add some cosiness to the proceedings with these solar lights. And, for those that have a projector, make sure you pin up a white sheet to create your screen.

Then simply stock up on the latest DVDs, like Beauty and the Beast (you could even get the kids to dress up as characters from the film), and get the popcorn in. Simples!

3. Create a mini sports day

With a summer packed full of sporting events, it's hard not to want in on the action. So why not make your own sports day in the garden? This idea is perfect for entertaining family, friends and large groups of little ones. 

From skipping ropes, golf, swingball and basketball too, there is a range of ways to get the children feeling competitive. This gladiator game would be a great addition to any party, while a space hopper is always a welcomed toy. Get the kids to race each other whilst bouncing down the garden.

4. Have a board game extravaganza

For rainy days (and we are sure to have some), unbox the board games which we all know and love.

Whether it's Monopoly which has the potential to go on for hours, Cluedo, where they'll love getting into their roles, or even Pie Face (yes that's right, it may get a bit messy), there are sure to be lots of laughs. 

5. art attack

Kids love painting. Why not set them a task this summer holidays to create a memory book of all the things which they have done this summer. Not only will they love getting messy but it will also be a lovely little keepsake to look back on in years to come.

Grab some colourful paints, lots of pens and a craft pack, which is full of pom poms, sequins, foam sticks and wiggly eyes, and a notepad. Then let them get super creative. 

Feeling inspired to turn your home into a fun-packed haven? Make sure you pop online to George or into your local store to pick up everything you need.