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Your Ultimate Summer Reading List

From thrillers to recipe books to tear-jerkers, these are the coolest books for hot summer days...

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Your Ultimate Summer Reading List

Long summer days were meant for relaxing outside with a good book and a cup of tea (or a cocktail). It's the ultimate way to unwind and savour those warmer days, and we've got the perfect summer reading list to help you do it. From gripping thrillers to fascinating biographies, you won't be able to put these engrossing reads down. Whatever your interest, there's something for everyone in our summer reading round-up – including Giovanna Fletcher's latest can't-put-down read! 

So whatever your plans are this summer – whether it's a week at the beach or a staycation at home – make sure you're armed with a great read from our all-inclusive summer reading list. And by the looks of the forecast, make sure to stock up on some sun cream too! Discover the best reads for foodies, romantics, chick lit fans and more...

If you're a romantic, you'll love... Always With Love by Giovanna Fletcher

Mum, vlogger and Asda columnist Giovanna Fletcher has released the follow-up to her smash debut novel, Billy and Me. This time round, we follow Billy (the biggest movie start in the world) and sweet Sophie all the way to Hollywood. But can their relationship take the pressures of fame and long distance? A beautiful story about love, romance, friendship and sacrifice. 

If you like secrets, you'll love... The Secrets of Happiness by Lucy Diamond

Stepsisters Rachel and Becca live far apart and have lost touch over the years. Rachel seems to have it all, while Becca just can’t seem to get it right. But when Rachel doesn’t come home one night, Becca is called for help and quickly realises that Rachel’s life is not as perfect as it seems. As Becca uncovers more secrets about her stepsister’s life, she is forced to confront some uncomfortable truths about her own. A must-read for any sister! Buy The Secrets of Happiness here. 

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you'll love... Harry Potter Magical Creatures Colouring Book 

Attention, super fans! This highly-detailed, beautifully drawn book features all of your favourite characters from the Harry Potter books and films - and even some you've likely forgotten about! From house-elves and merpeople to pixies and dragons - delve into wonders of the wizarding world with this collection of magical beings and extraordinary beasts. Catch up on the amazing creatures just in time for the new Harry Potter film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, to be released later this year. Get colouring with the Harry Potter Magical Creatures book here. 

If you loved Gone Girl, you'll love... Girl On A Train by Paula Hawkins

It's the psychological thriller that took the world by storm and now is being made into a Hollywood film starring Emily Blunt. This page-turning read centres around Rachel, a woman who's feels she's lost her way and spends her time sitting on the train watching the same couple in their home every day. Their lives seem so perfect – until one day, Rachel sees something awful. Suddenly, Rachel finds herself in the middle of an investigation where everything is not as it seems. 

If you want to build a stronger body, you'll love... Lean In 15 – The Shape Plan by Joe Wicks

Want to build muscle and burn more fat? Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, shares 100 nutritious and delicious recipes and four new workouts to help you look and feel your best. And the best part is that his meals only take 15 minutes to make! 

If you're a foodie, you'll love... Sirocco by Sabrina Ghayour

The Middle East meets West in this luscious cookbook full of colourful salads, flavourful stews, exotic sides and moreish desserts. If you love Middle Eastern flavours but have felt too intimidated to give these delicious recipes a go yourself, then this is the book for you. Want more delicious cookbooks? Find 5 more must-have recipe books for anyone who loves food here

If you like solving mysteries, you’ll love… The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern

When Sabrina Boggs comes across a strange collection of her dad’s possessions, she discovers bigger secrets than she could never have imagined. Her dad has no memory left and now Sabrina only has one day to piece together the past to find out who she really is. A beautiful and unexpected story that is truly touching. 

If you're celeb obsessed, you'll love... The Kardashian Dynasty by Ian Halperin

Love them or hate them, it's hard not to be fascinated by the rise of America's most famous family. Here investigative journalist Ian Halperin details the events and scandals that have propelled the Kardashians into global fame – for better or for worse. 

If you're a shopoholic, you'll love... Shop Girl by Mary Portas

The queen of retail, Mary Portas, reveals all in this gripping biography. Yes, there's plenty of shopping and fashion in particular here, but this is also the story of an ambitious girl from a working-class family in Watford and the challenges and obstacles she meets along the way to happiness. 


If you're a footie fan, you'll love... Fifty Years of Hurt by Henry Winter

England may have invented the game but somewhere in the last 50 years they seem to have forgotten how to play. It's been fifty years of hurt since England last won the World Cup and in this fascinating read, football writer Henry Winter analyses why and searches for possible solutions. 


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