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Fun in the sun: How to host the best sports day ever!

It's the ultimate way to burn up energy…

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Fun in the sun: How to host the best sports day ever!

Our fab DIY Sports Day will entertain the family and get everyone making and moving. With fun games, amazing recipes and creative crafting for the kids (with a little help), it's a summer of sport and there's something for everyone.



All-round family fun and laughter guaranteed! Crawl, jump, throw, balance, and run. Set up your own course by combining lots of our ideas below and you can even have fun coming up with some of your own. Grab a stopwatch and set up a blackboard to keep track of the points. 


Create a set of (comedy) ‘weights’ by blowing up two balloons. Slide one onto each end of a small broom handle (or similar) and secure with sticky tape. Get into position and see how many times in one minute you can pump the weights in the air.


Dribble your way around cones and other obstacles (the sillier the better!) as quickly as you can.


Ready... steady... GO! Crawl in and out and as fast as you can. Just be careful not to take the tunnel with you! 


Use your racquet to keep the shuttlecock up in the air – don’t let it touch the ground! Compete in pairs or on your own.


Throw the frisbee as far as you can. Mark each attempt with a flag, then use a tape measure to find out who is the winner.


You have three beanbags per go. Stay glued to your spot, give it your best throw and aim for the bowls. 


Insert the hook-end of a tent peg into each end of a foam pool noodle, then push the other end into the ground (leaving no metal exposed), to form an arch. Adjust the height to suit the competitor. 

Top tip: Don't forget about traditional sports day games, such as an egg-and-spoon race, a three-legged race and a tug of war. They are great for all age groups and really simple to organise. 



Cheer as the champ bursts through the finish, then repair with new links for the next race

You’ll need...

● Coloured paper

● Pencil

● Ruler

● Rubber

● Glue stick

● Scissors


1 Mark and cut out strips of coloured paper about 30cm long and 3cm wide.

2 Shape your first strip into a ring. Glue the ends together with an overlap of about 2cm.

3 Repeat with a different colour, interlinking each new ring with the last one. Continue until you have made a chain about 2-3m long. 


Perfect for a gymnast’s floor show… Make beautiful patterns in the air with the colourful, swirling ribbons.

You’ll need…

• 45cm of 12mm wooden dowel (or other solid, thin wooden rod)

• Small eye screw

• 8 x 1m lengths colourful ribbon

Double-sided sticky tape

• Miniature bell

• Thread

• Scissors


1 Twist the eye screw into one end of the dowel – take care not to splinter the wood.

Wrap a piece of double-sided tape around the other end, then attach the ribbon. Wind the ribbon tightly up around the dowel, at a slight angle. Every 5cm or so, wrap another piece of tape around the dowel, to stop the ribbon slipping. When you reach the end of a ribbon, always secure with the tape, and overlap for a neat finish, trimming
off any frayed edges.

Knot 5 x 1m lengths of ribbon together, about 5cm from the ends. Thread through the loop of the eye screw and secure with a firm knot. Tie on the bell with a piece of thread – wrap it around the ribbon knot and through the eye screw, then tie off.


This torch is so simple to make – raise it to the sky in honour of your sporting achievements! 

You’ll need...

● Gold card

● Red and orange tissue paper

Double-sided sticky tape

● Paper fasteners

● Pencil

● Rubber

● Ruler

● Card for a template

● Scissors


1 Place the gold card on a flat surface, shiny-side down. roll into a long cone shape, starting from the bottom right-hand corner, taking care not to crease it. Secure with double-sided sticky tape.

2 Strengthen the join with paper fasteners along the cut edge. Carefully use the scissors to make a hole through both layers of card, push in a fastener and flatten out the metal ‘legs’ against the inside surface. Repeat with another 2 or 3 fasteners in a straight line, spacing them out evenly.

Draw a flame shape about 15cm high and 10cm at its widest point on card. Using it as a template, draw 2 flames each on the red and orange tissue paper, then cut out.

4 Arrange the flames in a pile, alternating the colours. Holding them at the top, twist together at the bottom and secure with tape. Fluff them out and stick in place inside the torch with tape. 


Set the party mood with a playful tissue-tassel garland

You’ll need…

Coloured tissue paper

• Ruler

• Pencil

• Rubber 

• Scissors

• 4m garden twine

• Wool (optional)


Measure and cut out a piece of tissue paper 32cm x 25cm. Fold in half lengthwise.

Lay the tissue flat with the folded edge at the top. Cut 2cm-wide strips from the bottom edge up towards the top, stopping about 3cm below the fold, so you have a paper fringe.  

Open up the sheet of tissue paper, laying it flat, then roll it up widthways – the uncut section should be in the centre with the fringed edges on either side.

4 Place a pencil on the fold in the centre and bring the fringed edges together. Twist the tissue around the pencil to create a loop – take care not to tear it. Tie a short piece of twine or wool just below the loop to secure, then remove the pencil. Your first tassel is now complete.

Make 13 more tassels, using tissue paper in a variety of bright colours.

Cut a 2.5m length of garden twine, plus 14 x 10cm lengths. Thread one of the shorter pieces through the loop of each tassel, then tie them onto the long length, making sure they’re evenly spaced.


A classic ring-toss game for all the family. To up the ante, play it after dark! 

You’ll need...

● 9 empty bottles – ones with long, thin necks are best, or you can buy your own bowling pins

● Packs of glow bracelets

● Wooden fruit crate

● Coloured paper

● Pencil

● Ruler

● Rubber

Double-sided sticky tape or PVA glue

● Scissors 


1 Clean the fruit crate and decorate with coloured paper – including the word ‘hoopla’. Draw the letters freehand or print a stencil or template, then stick on with double- sided tape or glue. 

2 Gather enough empty bottles to fill the crate – all the same type, or mix and match. Soak off the labels in warm water, then dry the bottles – you can also decorate them if you like.

3 Arrange them in the crate. If needed, add tissue paper to secure, or fill the bottles with sand for stability. Activate your glow-bracelet hoops and away you go! Mark a spot (or spots, depending on the age range of the contenders), stand on it and see how many hoops you can throw around the bottle necks. 


No sports day is complete without the chance to jump onto a winners’ podium, wave your arms around with joy and celebrate your athletic ability – and crafting creativity! It’s easy to make your own – we’ve used upturned square fibreglass planters, decorated with paint and glitzy numbers, but boxes or crates will work too. Just make sure they’re sturdy enough to stand on safely. Vary the height if possible, for the most authentic effect. 



Ideal for hungry sportspeople! Decorate as national flags – or create a design for your family or team

Makes: 10 (2 of each flag)

1 Preheat your oven to 220C/200C Fan/ Gas 7. Make a dough using 1 x 290g pack Chosen by you Pizza Base Mix, following the packet instructions. Roll it out to 1cm thick and cut into 15cm x 10cm rectangles. Put these on a large nonstick baking sheet and prick each one a couple of times with a fork. Bake in the oven for 8-10 mins or until just crisp and golden.

2 Decorate the pizzas to look like flags as follows:


Spread 2 pizza bases with Asda 50% Less Fat Soft Cheese. Halve a cherry tomato and place one half in the centre of each flag.

United Kingdom

Spread 2 pizza bases with Asda 50% Less Fat Soft Cheese. Decorate with thin strips of sliced, deseeded red pepper and pieces of chopped and fried red onion.


Spread 2 pizza bases with Chosen by you Basil & Tomato Pizza Topper. Spoon a small rectangle of chopped cooked beetroot into the top left-hand corner, then add mozzarella torn into tiny bits for the stars. Make the stripes from thin strips of Cheddar.

Spread 2 pizza bases with Asda 50% Less Fat Soft Cheese. Sprinkle the left-hand third of the flag with baby spinach and watercress, and lay thinly sliced cherry tomatoes on the right-hand third, leaving the centre section white.

Design your own flag

Use your fave toppings to create your own flag. We used Asda 50% Less Fat Soft Cheese, grated Cheddar and red peppers. There should be enough to make 2 of each flag.

3 Serve them up to your hungry crowd! 


An easy-to-make novelty pud for your grand finale, you can find out how to make your own Jelly Swimming Pool by following our easy recipe.


Winning a medal is brilliant. Eating it is even better! Not up for it? Buy your own readymade medals.

You'll need...

Original Oreo Biscuits

Golden Oreo Biscuits

Dr. Oetker Giant Chocolate Stars

Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Icing

● Dr. Oetker Shimmer Spray in Silver and Gold

Ribbons (from a party pack of plastic medals).

Each medal is made using the same method, but for the best results, use these combinations of ingredients:

● Gold – Golden Oreo & white chocolate star & gold shimmer spray

● Silver – as above, but with silver shimmer spray

● Bronze – Original Oreo & milk chocolate star & gold shimmer spray 


1 Prise an Oreo apart with a knife. Place both halves, patterned surface upwards, on a sheet of baking paper.

2 Stick a chocolate star onto one of the Oreos using a small blob of the chocolate fudge icing. Leave to set.

3 Shake the shimmer well, then spray the Oreos (don’t spray too close or the liquid will pool). Leave to dry.

4 Untie the knot at one end of the ribbon. Remove the plastic fastener and plastic medal.

5 Lay the biscuits shimmer- side down and spread a dollop of icing on each one. Fold the ribbon into a flat V-shape then sandwich the centre point between the biscuits. Allow to set, then knot the fastener back onto the ribbon.

6 Repeat until you’ve made all the medals you’ll need. 

Top Tip: If you want to eat the ribbon as well, use a strawberry lace instead! 


Celebrate your triumph in style.

You’ll need...

● Paper plate

● Green shimmer card

● Green paper

● Pencil

● Rubber

● Scissors

● Double sided-sticky tape

Hair grips


1 Snip through the rim of the paper plate in a straight line, then cut out the flat circle from the centre. Keep this and use to make a leaf template.

2 Draw a double-pointed oval leaf shape on the leftover card and cut out. Use as a template to draw as many leaves as possible on 2 sheets of plain green paper and 1 of green shimmer card, then cut these out.

3 Attach the leaves to the paper-plate crown with the double-sided tape. Layer and fan them out to hide the plate, evenly spacing out the plain and shimmer leaves. Check all are firmly attached, adding extra tape if needed. 4 Adjust your champion’s crown for the best fit. You may need hair grips to keep it in place, especially if you’re planning to run a victory lap around the lawn! 

Top Tip: Keep your budding athletes going with snacks that help towards their 5-a-day, such as sliced fruit and veg sticks with houmous. For a sweet, energy- packed treat, try malt loaf with slices of banana. 

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You can get everything you need to make your Sports Day a day to remember at Asda online and in-store. Don't forget to share your Sports Day ideas with other families by using #goodliving on social media.