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The best animals to follow on Instagram

Daily joy for animal lovers

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The best animals to follow on Instagram

Whether it’s cats, dogs or fluffy bunny rabbits you’re in to, we’ve got the very best animal social media accounts that you need to start following ASAP.

Yes, these cuties are all here to steal your heart

The perfect way to get a little dose of animal-themed joy every day, these Instagram accounts are home to an endless stream of loveable snaps that’ll pull you out of any slump.

There’s Grumpy Cat – the fluffy kitty with an amusingly bad attitude, Tuna the chiweenie with his overbite and comical expressions, Aspen the Mountain Pup, Bubu the chinchilla, Dusty the Holland Lop rabbit and more.

Yes, these cuties are all here to steal your heart (and Instagram 'likes').

Grumpy Cat

Tardar Sauce (as she’s known to her family) has become famous under the moniker Grumpy Cat, thanks her to constantly 'unhappy' expression. Though her owners assure us that she’s perfectly happy and healthy, Grumpy Cat never seems to be impressed by very much…


A photo posted by Grumpy Cat (@realgrumpycat) on

Aspen The Mountain Pup

Residing in his namesake American ski resort, Aspen is a four-year-old golden retriever who just can’t get enough of the aprés ski lifestyle.


A rescued chiweenie with an adorable overbite, Tuna has won the hearts of over 1.8 million Instagram followers thanks to his sweet nature and often comical facial expressions.


An eight-year-old chinchilla from Singapore, Bubu loves the finer things in life – travel, tea sets and fluffy cuddles.


A photo posted by BuBu The Chinchilla (@cute_bubu) on


Taking cute to a new level, Dusty is a three-year-old Holland Lop bunny who loves to chill.


A photo posted by Dusty (@dusty_the_bunny) on

Venus Cat

A lover of individuality, Venus Cat the tortoiseshell kitty is one of a kind indeed: her eyes are two different colours, and her fur is divided right down the middle, leaving one half of her face ginger and the other black.


A photo posted by Venus Cat (@venustwofacecat) on


Thanks to his comically placed black patches, Sam the cat constantly looks as though he has raised eyebrows, which of course, has made him an adorable hit on Instagram.


A photo posted by Sam (@samhaseyebrows) on


Jamon, a micro pig living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is the perfect Instagram pal if you’re not a cat or dog person. He’s super cool, too.


A photo posted by Jamon (@jamonthepig) on


Chloe the mini French bulldog (she’s about half the size of a typical Frenchie) lives in New York City. She loves travelling (Milan is her favorite spot), fashion, and posing for unbelievably cute snaps.


A photo posted by Chloe (@chloetheminifrenchie) on

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