The best World Book Day costumes for adults

Join in the fun this World Book Day by donning one of these excellent costumes

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The best World Book Day costumes for adults

World Book Day is coming up on the 7th March, and we're expecting to see miniature patchwork elephants, wizards, bears, tigers, rabbits and foxes in their droves. 

Of course, kids needn't have all the fun – if you're a parent, a teacher or, well, a librarian, there's nothing to stop you from throwing on a costume yourself.

After all, the Harry Potter books have probably been enjoyed by as many grown ups as children, while Roald Dahl's captivating stories have stayed with us well into adulthood.

If you would like to reference your favourite childhood literature, head to George to browse their selection of World Book Day costumes. These are a few of our favourites....

Harry Potter

The spectacles, school badge and wand – it can only be everyone's favourite child-wizard. A Harry Potter-esque fringe and lightening bolt scar will earn you extra marks...
Adult Harry Potter costume, £20.


Professor McGonagall

Would-be witches can dress up as the powerful professor McGonagall, in a dark green robe and feather-embellished hat. 
Professor McGonagall costume, £22.

Where's Wenda 

Ah, Wally. Many, many hours have been spent looking for our bespectacled friend. His girlfriend Wenda came onto the scene in 1991, and she's been coordinating with Wally ever since.
We love this Wenda outfit, £16. 


Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland was published way back in 1865, with the 1951 Disney adaptation remaining one of the most memorable. Fans of Alice can get her look with an ice-blue dress, apron and headband. Don't forget the white stockings and Mary Janes! Alice in Wonderland costume, £16.

Mary Poppins

This supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Mary Poppins costume is particularly suitable if you happen to be a nanny or teacher. Complete with a jaunty daisy-trim hat and bow tie, all that's missing is Mary's bag of tricks, gloves and brolly.
Mary Poppins costume, £22.

Will you be joining in the fun on World Book Day? Shop for costumes (online only) now.