The iconic Dirty Dancing lift ALMOST didn’t happen!

This shocking news, plus three other much-loved major movie scenes which almost got canned

The iconic Dirty Dancing lift ALMOST didn’t happen!

C’mon - we’ve all tried - and probably definitely failed - to recreate the iconic dance lift scene from Dirty Dancing

But the world’s most famous ever lift almost didn’t happen. Jennifer Grey has revealed on the 30th anniversary of the film, that her co-star Patrick Swayze was in terrible pain during filming due to a knee injury. 

Thankfully main man Johnny Castle managed to launch Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman into the air, but it took him several takes and a great deal of discomfort. What a guy! 

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Lady and the Tramp 

Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Now, name the first Disney film scene that comes to you…

Bet you thought ‘the spaghetti scene with the two doggies’! Yeah, knew it. Well, brace yourself, IT ALMOST DIDN’T HAPPEN. 

Believe it or not, Walt Disney thought it would be too messy and cut it from the film’s first storyboards. 

Former Disney archivist Steven Vanini told Yahoo Movies: “Walt wasn’t convinced that would be a very clean-cut scene. As you can imagine, if you have two pets and they eat a plate of spaghetti, it’s hard to envision that being too graceful” 

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Taxi Driver 

One of the most quoted lines in movie history: “You talkin’ to me?’ happened entirely by happy 'spur of the moment' thinking from De Niro. 

His only instructions from director Martin Scorsese was to look in the mirror. Thankfully the actor took actions into his own creative hands and produced a moment in pop culture we’ll never get tired of repeating. 


SPOILER ALERT for anyone who has never watched E.T. before (have you been living in a cave all your life??):

In the original script E.T. dies! Yes, Steven Spielberg initially wrote a sad ending where the lovable little alien perishes in government activity. Thankfully there was an outcry and E.T. got to live. Just imagine - the iconic bikes-flying-across-the-moon scene would never have happened. 

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