What on earth is the mannequin challenge?

Everything you need to know about the latest viral video trend that’s even got Adele taking part!

What on earth is the mannequin challenge?

Freeze, don’t move! That's what the latest craze sweeping the internet is asking you to do. That's right, the latest social media trend is all about people standing still. Erm, what?

Dubbed the  #manequinchallenge, people are filming themselves holding poses and staying completely motionless (like mannequins) and then uploading videos to the internet. It sounds creepy (and it sort of is) but it's also pretty impressive how good people are at staying still! 

Plenty of A-listers have already got on the bandwagon, including Destiny’s Child, Adele, Bon Jovi and Hillary Clinton. Poses range from the simple like a regular day on the This Morning set, to the more bizarre like Adele's Western themed freeze frame. Check out some of the best celebrity #manequinchallenge videos below. 


Heard of the #MannequinChallenge? Here's our version! ������

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Mannequin challenge

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It started in the United States when a group of young students in Florida posted a video of themselves holding poses with the hashtag #manequinchallenge. Things escalated from there and now it seems that it's sweeping across the internet, with poses and settings getting more elaborate and extreme.

What is the point of it, you may ask? Well, nothing it seems! Unlike the 2014 ice bucket challenge (remember that one?) which was aimed at raising awareness for ALS, the mannequin challenge is not affiliated with any specific charity or cause. Seems like people are just doing it for fun!  

Check out some more fun video #mannequinchallenge videos below. 


Featuring the @balletwest1 PTDs doing the #mannequinchallenge ������������

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Will you try the #mannequinchallenge?