Fresh seaweed in a bowl with chopsticks on a table

Try something new this year with our handy guide to the hottest trends for 2016

Confused by all the new trends? Keep it simple and try just one with our handy guide

Try something new this year with our handy guide to the hottest trends for 2016

Every year we’re bombarded with list upon list of all the ‘great new trends’ we should be trying. From fashion to beauty and the latest fitness trends, there can be so many that it’s often hard to navigate what will actually work in real life – and what’s worth forgetting before it’s even begun. With this in mind we’ve looked ahead to pick out the one new trend in each category that’s worth trying in 2016.


Food: Seaweed

While last year was all about avocados and quinoa, if you’re going to try one new food trend this year make it seaweed. Sales of seaweed snacks, crisps, noodles and nutrient powders have been growing in America over the last few years and with star chefs such as Jamie Oliver citing seaweed for his weight-loss success, it could be a new superfood in the making. At the very least you’ll be able to confidently say ‘no thanks’ when it inevitably crops up in the workplace.


Wellbeing: Colouring books

Colouring books for adults really took off in the second half of 2015. We don't see the furor abating anytime soon so if you haven’t given in and tried them already, now is the time to make it your goal for 2016. With a wide range of topics from food and gardens to meditation and pop culture (think Harry Potter and Star Wars) covered, there are plenty of variations to whet your appetite. We may even start seeing the colouring theme branch out into new areas in 2016 such as colourable fabric, wallpaper and covers for phones.


Fitness: Wearable tech

You’ve probably come into contact with these at work, as fitness buffs are already on the bandwagon. Available in all shapes and sizes, the latest wearable tech measures everything from calories burnt to heart rate and sleep patterns. The defining feature is that you can attach them to your wrist, belt or phone. These are guaranteed to become mainstream, more affordable and even more complex in 2016 - they’re convenient, cheaper than a personal trainer and you can compete against your mates. Now that’s motivation!


Fashion: Hippie-chic

While the 70s made a big comeback in 2015, expect to see the 60s take centre stage in 2016 with the return of the hippie chic. Think tie-dye and batik, floaty loose peasant tops and dresses. There was even crochet seen on the Tommy Hilfiger catwalks. Who knew that knitting could be so fashionable?


Beauty: Blue eyeliner

Seen everywhere on the spring/summer catwalks from Chanel to Karen Walker and on models such as Kendall Jenner, get ready to channel your inner sea goddess with blue eyeliner and shadow this year. Don't be scared by the vibrancy of this new trend as there are plenty of ways to wear it, from full on butterfly effect (green on the lower lid, blue on the upper) to just a small dash of liner or glitter on your inner tear duct and upper lid.


Hair: headbands

Dust off your headbands and tiaras, as headwear will make a big comeback this season. From St Laurent's ancient greek inspired tiaras and Givenchy’s black sleek headbands to Dolce & Gabbana’s experimental, ornamental and colourful flower bands and turbans, there’s plenty to chose from to suit your personal style. The best thing? This trend is accompanied by wispy updos and tousled strands, which means less work on busy mornings.


Like what you see? Let us know which trend you’ll be trying this year in the comments below.