Sneaky, sleepy and sweet pups in this week’s Pet Corner

It's ruff out there for a dog!

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Sneaky, sleepy and sweet pups in this week’s Pet Corner

In this week's Pet Corner, we take a look at some of the sweetest and most hilarious canines on the internet. Looking for something to make you smile? Keep reading! From a sleeping bulldog to a crafty beagle and three adorable pals who love to cuddle, these sweet photos and funny dog videos will be the best thing you see all day. There's something about those floppy ears and wagging tails that is just too sweet - and these funny stories are no exception! See if you can pick your favourite - warning, it's not easy! Get ready for cutness overload in this week's Pet Corner...

The sleepy puppy

Dogs are pretty cute at all hours of the day, but there’s something about napping puppies that is especially adorable. Introducing Milo – a 3-year-old narcoleptic french bulldog. Milo loves napping so much that his owner has given him the nicknames bedbound butterball and narcoleptic nugget! Isn't that sweet? Check out some amazing pics and videos on Milo’s instagram feed. And catch him snoring away below…


one man band �� #tbt #turnup

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And one more adorable snap... 


dollface ���� #tbt

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The sneaky puppy

Life is tough for toddlers - they’re pretty much stuck hanging out wherever their parents decide to put them. That is of course, unless they have a super sneaky furry friend who can help them escape! In the video below posted by YouTube user CharlieDaDog, an adorable tot and her beagle buddy join forces to escape from mum. Watch as the toddler tries to open the door but just can’t seem to turn the handle, until her partner in crime comes to the rescue. The toddler reaches up to the door to show her beagle what the problem is, who then proceeds to use his paws to help his pal. Together, they manage to open the door and escape! So sneaky and so sweet!  

The cuddle buddies

Here are a few more dogs that can’t get enough of nap time! But these sweet puppies, Watson and Kiko, are known for snuggling up with Harry the cat when it’s bedtime, or as their owners like to call it - cuddle time. Harry doesn’t seem to mind - just look at him using his furry pals as a pillow. Who said that cats and dogs can’t get along? See more adorable snaps of this unlikely trio here. 


A photo posted by Watson And Kiko (@wat.ki) on

Sweet dreams! 


A heartwarming cuddle photo to brighten up your day. Watson loves all his fury friends

A photo posted by Watson And Kiko (@wat.ki) on

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