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From Anne’s Big Bird to Russell’s cannonball: Watch the funniest Strictly routines of all time

Get ready for the new Strictly Come Dancing Live tour by catching up with the show’s most hilarious dances ever

From Anne’s Big Bird to Russell’s cannonball: Watch the funniest Strictly routines of all time

It’s that time of year again: the Christmas decorations have come down, the kids are back at school and the Strictly Come Dancing Live tour is back. Whether you are going to see the stars and dancers in person or prefer just to watch reruns of the show from the comfort of your couch, we’ve scoured the internet for the funniest videos from the series to get you in the dancing spirit. From Anne Widdecombe being dragged across the floor to Bruce dancing Gangnam-style, get ready to give your diaphragm a good workout.

“It’s like hemorrhoids, you keep coming back more painful than ever!” Len Goodman


The time John Sergeant was likened to a matador (Series 6, 2008)

The BBC news correspondent’s stompy matador-stance as he dragged his partner Kristina Rihanoff around the dance floor like a sack of potatoes created instant TV gold. It was such a shame he quit out of fear of becoming ‘a joke too far’ – think of all the great moments that could have been.

The time that proved dance can make anyone a heartthrob (Series 12, 2014)

One of the best things about Strictly is how it proves dance can give even the most unlikely people drool-worthy status. We still cringe over our memories of Max Branning from EastEnders stealing our breath away with his Samba to ‘Mambo No. 5’.

The time Russell Grant was fired out of a cannon (Series 9, 2011)

Astrologer Russell Grant treated us to many great moments during his time on the show and it was hard to imagine he could top popping out of a seashell to iconic 80’s hit Venus, but he did, when he was fired out of a canon to the classic sounds of S Club 7’s ‘Reach’. Although he only received a score of 24, that moment will always be worth a 40 in our eyes.

The time Mark Ramprakash suffered the wardrobe malfunction from hell (Series 4, 2006)

It’s the thing that so many of us dread – getting caught on another person’s clothing. The awkwardness... the laughter... the trying to untangle yourself as quickly as is humanly possible... It’s probably a little bit worse when it happens on live TV and you are former english cricketer Mark Ramprakash and professional dancer Karen Hardy. Just a little bit.

The time we blamed it on the weather-woman (Series 13, 2015)

What does an inaccurate weather forecast, a man descending on a giant thundercloud and lots of forced head shaking have in common? This dance, orchestrated to ‘adorably’ link Carol Kirkwood’s day job as a weather presenter and her dance routine. We’ll never be able to hear her utter the words ‘cold front’ with a straight face again.

The time Nancy Dell’Olio thought she was better than she was (Series 9, 2011)

We’ve all had a moment in our lives where we think we’re amazing at something, to then later find out that in fact we’re not. Cue Nancy, lawyer and ex-girlfriend of Sven-Göran Eriksson, who happened to experience this very thing on live TV. Her Halloween sequin-coffin-inspired number showed her on her most confident form, but marked a drastic turning point in her professional dance career when she was promptly informed by a voting public that she really wasn’t that great at all. Awkward.

The time Batman came to visit (Series 1, 2004)

It doesn’t get much better than this. Way back in the very first series of Strictly, Eastenders' Chris Parker donned a cape for no apparent reason and committed to running around the stage like an over-enthusiastic Batman impersonator. We’re still not quite sure why there was a cape, but we love it anyway.

The time Mark Foster became an honorary Spice Girl (Series 6, 2008)

So it’s a Friday night, you’ve had a few drinks with your girlfriends and suddenly it seems like the best idea to head to a 90’s nostalgia party and shimmy to ‘Spice Up Your Life’. This seems to be what happened to Olympic swimmer Mark Foster on Strictly. He even dons an actual 90’s inspired see-through shirt. Don’t worry; we’ve all been there Mark.

The time Bruce Forsyth danced to Gangnam Style (Series 10, 2012)

Ok, so this isn’t strictly a full blown dance routine, but there wasn’t a dull moment with Bruce around – from comedy skits and perfectly timed improv to dancing Gangnam Style and burping live on air, he provided a much needed comedic boost in the times when dance-offs got too serious. We miss you Bruce.

The time Anne Widdecombe was likened to a lame canary (Series 8, 2010)

“It’s like hemorrhoids, you keep coming back more painful than ever!” The immortal words of judge Len Goodman, exasperated that politician Anne Widdecombe had somehow slipped into the quarterfinals encapsulated a growing trend of comparing Anne to various unpleasant items which also included a hoover. Anne provided us with more comedic moments than you could shake a tail-feather at. This was one of the best, due to the combination of her Big Bird attire and her infamous floor sweeping capabilities.

Bonus: The time Bruno Tonioli fell off his chair (Series 11, 2013)

Of course we’re not the only ones who think it’s all great fun. Who can forget the moment that judge Bruno Tonioli laughed so much he fell off his chair? Priceless.

Have we missed one of your favourite routines? Let us know what tickles your funny bones in the comment box below.

The Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour starts 22nd January in Birmingham and finishes on 14th February in London. To find a date near you and book tickets, head to the official website Strictly Come Dancing Live