The Tamagotchi is back!

Just make sure you keep it alive this time...

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The Tamagotchi is back!

Okay, here’s some news to make you feel rather old - it’s 20 years since the Tamagotchi hatched into our lives! And you’ll be super excited to learn that the Japanese toy company are bringing back everyone's favourite pet of the 90s to celebrate. 

These keychain-size virtual pets gave many children of this era their first experience of what happens when you neglect your responsibilities - certain death. Yes, if you don’t feed your baby alien creature candy, clean up its poo and give it some attention, the dreaded skull icon appears. Ignore this at your peril as you’ll soon be faced with watching your dearly departed digital baby grow angel wings and fly off to digital heaven *sadly presses A and C button together*. 

Forget your plans to get a puppy as Bandai have relaunched these addictive games and they look very similar to the original. Think low-resolution retro graphics with three buttons. So once again we can miserably fail at trying to rear our computerised alien eggs into adults. 

The new Tamagotchi is yet to reach UK shores, but you can stock up on plenty of other retro toys at Asda online or at your nearest store