Glastonbury festival

The ultimate Glastonbury festival checklist

No one likes to be caught out at a festival!

The ultimate Glastonbury festival checklist

There’s mud, downpours of rain and, more often than not, long queues for the toilets - but we wouldn’t have Glastonbury Festival any other way.

"We've put together the ultimate festival checklist"

The music event, which runs for five nights from June 21 to June 25, is famed for its huge tented city, its large array of food stalls and, of course, its phenomenal music lineup. 

But despite every Glasto-goer knowing that they'll need a stockpile of baby wipes, a torch and a warm sleeping bag what else is essential when it comes to your festival kit?

To help you out this year we've put together the ultimate Glastonbury Festival checklist. 

A good tent

Whether it's a 1, 2 of 4 person tent you're looking for, make sure you're all geared up with a sturdy but lightweight tent. Camping novice? Panic not. This instant dome tent will ensure you’re ready for adventure in no time. It sets up in an impressive 30 seconds and requires no assembly. And don't forget to grab a roll mat, which will ensure you're not sleeping on the hard, wet ground and you're sure to be the envy of all other campers. Or if glamping is more your thing, sleep like a baby on this camping bed. What a luxury!

Waterproofs are an absolute must!

A festival in the UK would not be complete without a torrential downpour. And although all the pictures of Glastonbury, Reading, Isle of Wight etc are of happy revellers in their wellies jumping in puddles, the reality is, if you get really wet and all your clothes get soaked, you won't be jumping for joy. So take a lightweight waterproof with a hood and take it with you at all times. If it's not raining you can sit on it or wrap it around your waist, and if it is, you'll be laughing. Plus, our range of waterproofs are pretty cool (one has pineapples on it!)... so take your pick.

Chairs and trolleys

We're big fans of things that can make your festival experience more comfortable - introducing foldaway chairs - trust us, when the ground is wet you'll be grateful to have somewhere to sit on that's not a bin liner! Plus we think it's worth investing in a trolley or something to help you transport all your things to your campsite; it might just be the most useful thing you take with you.

Phone chargers

Perfect for when you're battery's low and there's absolutely no electric sockets in sight. This power bank charges Samsungs and iPhones meaning you won't get caught out with a low battery. If your phone battery doesn't last very long, why not take a separate camera with you so you're not reliant on your phone to take some snaps. Win win. 

Warm clothing

You can never pack too much clothing, especially when you're braving the Great British weather. From comfy and cosy fluffy socks (take a few pairs), to warm and thick jumpers, make sure you keep yourself toasty as the nights are sure to get a little bit chilly.

Toilet roll and hand sanitiser

There's nothing worse when you get to a public toilet and there's no toilet paper. Make sure you stay one step ahead by investing in some rolls. Quick drying and kills 99.99% of bacteria - perfect for when you're in a muddy and rather large field. Speaking of staying clean - wet wipes are a must. You probably won't shower but you'll want to wake up feeling a bit fresh, won't you!

Bring some wellies

Remember the muddy pictures which fill our screens every year? Don't be caught out and invest in a pair of wellies - we particularly love the leopard print wellies! And speaking of not getting things wet - pack lots of plastic bags and bin liners. They're great for sitting on, wrapping wet clothes in, being rubbish bags, and protecting your dry stuff against the elements.

sun tan lotion

It may be cloudy, a tiny bit overcast and slightly windy but the sun is sure to make an appearance. Keep your skin well protected without breaking the bank with some Asda suncream. Keep the rays out of your eyes with a pair of sunglasses. And don't get dehydrated - pack a reusable water bottle so you can fill it up at the water points. 

Your festival ticket

And last but by no means least, don't forget to grab your festival ticket! 

Stock up on all the essentials you need in Asda or pop into your local store