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13 genius ways to save money when you travel

Tips and tricks to save you £££

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13 genius ways to save money when you travel

Ready for your next holiday? Whether you're off to a sunny, unspoilt coastline or a bustling metropolis, we've got the travel tips you need to save money on your next getaway. Planning a dream trip on a budget can seem like a nearly impossible task but with a little know-how, it really can be done. With clever tricks that will save you money on flights, accommodation, exchange rates and more, don't jet off without reading our brilliant travel tips. We've even got travel tips for dining out and visiting museums on the cheap. Because everyone deserves a holiday! Get ready to satisfy your wanderlust at a bargain price...

1. Sign up for flight alerts and deals

Keep an eye on prices by getting the best travel deals delivered straight to your inbox. If you know when and where you want to travel, check out websites like Skyscanner.net and Kayak.co.uk that will monitor prices for you so that you can book when flights are cheapest. 

2. Travel in low season

If you can, give popular destinations a miss during peak season. That means don't head to Portugal or Disneyland as soon as the school summer holidays begin, to Rio for Carnival, the Alps in February – you get the idea. Avoid summer holiday pitfalls with these amazing destinations – perfect for the whole family.

3. Book your hotel directly

Not finding any good hotel deals online? Try cutting out the middle man and calling the hotel's local reservations number instead. Not only will you not have to pay any online booking fees but by speaking to someone directly from the hotel, they might be able to offer you a discount. 

4. Fly in the middle of the week

A little flexibility can go a long way. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are often the cheapest days to fly so play around with your dates before booking any flights – it could save you some serious money! 

5. Book two flights instead of one

Before booking a round-trip flight, research the cost of two one-way flights. Weirdly, it can sometimes work out cheaper!

6. Take public transport

Not only is hopping on the local bus a great way to explore a new city, but public transport is pretty much always going to be cheaper than getting a taxi. Or if you're not going far, try cycling or walking!

7. Don't exchange money at the airport

Airports typically offer the worst exchange rates plus the highest fees.

8. Research museum free days

Before you travel, make a list of all the museums that you'd like to visit while you're away. Then go online and research if any of them offer free days – you'd be surprised how many do!

9. Turn off your phone

Coming back from holiday is hard enough without coming back to a massive phone bill to boot. Whenever you travel abroad, save yourself a whole lot of hassle and expense by turning your phone's roaming off. Your wallet will thank you for it. 

10. Eat like a local

Avoid restaurants that are right by big tourist sights or ones with 'we speak English' signs. Instead, venture a little further away or ask a local for their top tips. Not only will the food be better but the prices will be better, too!

11. Pack snacks

Airport food isn't always the tastiest and it's certainly not the cheapest. Save your precious pennies by packing some snacks with you for the trip. Bringing an empty water bottle is another clever tip – once you're through security you can fill it up and stay hydrated throughout your flight without having to ask the flight attendants to keep refilling your cup. 

12. Research discounts

Many sights and attractions offer discounts for seniors, children, students and certain memberships. Don't forget to bring your ID or membership card with you while travelling. 

13. Consider renting an apartment instead of booking a hotel

Renting can be more economical than stay in hotels, especially if you cook a few meals at home rather than eating out. Plus, staying in an apartment gives you the chance to experience a destination like a local.

Got your own money-saving travel tips that didn't make our list? Let us know on social media by using #goodliving. Pick up everything you need for your trip at Asda online or in-store.