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Three weird but wonderful holidays you won’t believe really exist

From petting dogs in Hawaii to getting paid to watch the Northern Lights

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Three weird but wonderful holidays you won’t believe really exist

Bored of your usual holiday plans? Why not try something a little different next time you travel...

1. Pet dogs in Hawaii

Love dogs? We may have found the perfect holiday spot for you.

There’s a place in Hawaii that will let you hang out with dogs in need of friendship. The non-profit organisation, Kauai Humane Society, is based on the island of Kauai and asks volunteers to hang out with dogs from the shelter, taking them out on hikes or for strolls on beaches and giving them some extra attention and fun.

The best part? All the dogs from the shelter are up for adoption, so if you do happen to fall in love (how could you not?), you could take your new buddy home with you. The shelter even help with the adoption and travel process so it’s not too tricky to return home with a new arrival.

No room for a pet at home? The dogs also wear little ‘Adopt Me’ jackets, so walking them around the island can help find them a local home.

The foundation hopes that the program will give the dogs extra exercise, human interaction and an increased chance of getting adopted.

Dog lovers, pack your bags!

2. Sleep in two countries at once

Ever wished you could be in two places at once?

There is a place on Earth that allows you to sleep in two countries at the same time. Yes, really.

Hotel Arbez is a bed and breakfast that sits right on the French-Swiss border in the village of La Cure.

The border goes right through the hotel and even runs through some of the rooms, which means that if you sleep in one of those rooms, you’ll technically be sleeping in two countries at the same time.

Even the hotel’s restaurant is split right down the middle, with one half serving Swiss food while the other serves French.

So if both countries are on your list of places to visit, one night at this hotel could kill two birds with one stone!

If you fancy booking a stay, a room is only £84 per night. A bargain for a night in two countries!

3. Get paid to watch the Northern Lights

Always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights? There’s a hotel that will pay you just to watch them.

If ever you needed a reason to visit the famous Aurora Borealis, we may have just found it.

The Artic Snow Hotel in Finland is advertising a job that mostly involves staring up at the stars.

They’re recruiting for a Northern Lights spotter to, well, spot the Northern Lights. When the North Lights appear, the spotter will need to alert the guests (the hotel has an Aurora Alarm Service) so they can come out and take a look.

As well as getting paid to look at the sky, the successful applicant will get free accommodation at the hotel too (in a glass igloo, no less), for the whole season – which runs from December to March. They’ll also get to enjoy all sorts of other perks, like access to a snow sauna, outdoor hot tubs, and three fancy lakeside restaurants on their doorstep.

They’ll even be able to learn how to ice fish, make ice sculptures, and make snow shoes!